worth playing | ‘Kainga: Seeds Of Civilization’ leaves Early Access and gets the December release date, Collector’s Edition

Kainga: Seed of Civilization is a roguelite village builder set in a world full of secrets and surprises. Assume the role of the thinker, the leader of the village, you must adapt to the procedurally generated environment and environment and make the right decisions so that your people and village can prosper. The Thinker is responsible for relaying the players’ decisions and orders to the humans. Although the citizens are somewhat expendable, if the thinker falls, you lose. Much like the king in chess, they are weak and vulnerable and must be protected at all costs.

Starting a village is easy, surviving is not. Threats to your people come from all directions; Weather events, the environment, wildlife, and demands or raids from other tribes threaten your existence. in the Kainga: Seed of Civilizationyou are not the hero or savior of the world, just a participant in its ever-expanding story.

Instead of following the lengthy City Builder formula, Kainga: Seed of Civilization focuses on short challenges from 30 minutes to 1 hour. Each challenge is a fresh and varied experience in a new location, while still allowing the player to progress between runs.

After a very productive and positive Early Access launch, Kainga: Seed of Civilization has seen major strides in the development of the title, as well as the depth of new gameplay content implemented throughout.

Working closely with an ever-growing community of aspiring “thinkers”, Solo Developer Erik Rempen has crafted a beautiful and challenging world steeped in mystery and cultural intrigue, ready to be revealed at the exciting launch of V1.0.

Besides the standard version of the full V1.0 launch on Steam, fans can purchase the special Kainga: Seeds of Civilization Collector’s Edition and delve further into the beautiful world of Kainga. That Collector’s Edition Includes the full game, a 21-track soundtrack of immersive in-game music, a digital art book showcasing some of the stunning artwork and designs from around the world, and an exclusive desktop wallpaper. That Collector’s Edition will be available on December 6th alongside the standard version.

Main features:

  • Create a unique culture. Research from a diverse, branching technology tree inspired by civilizations around the world using the unique Thinker skill tree, and make your mark on the world with your choice of buildings, festivals, resource production, and more!
  • Adapt to your environment. Use the terrain and resources to your advantage, keep an eye on available resources, and carefully plan and adapt to an ever-changing environment while battling the elements, disasters, other villages, and even the beasts that roam the land .
  • train units and tame beasts. Protect your village by researching technologies to equip your villagers with weapons to repel attacks, or even use the beasts to your advantage by taming them and using them against your rivals.
  • Gain new knowledge for future runs. Each ending carries the seeds of a new beginning, unlocking new technologies, biomes and challenges to make each run even more complex. Earn karma to purchase advanced structure types and rescue Thinkers to play with their leadership style and unique quirks.
  • Live among or on giant beasts. The wildlife of these countries migrate and interact with the environment, often destroying those in their path. Can you learn to live with these animals? Or better yet, manage to tame them and build on them.
  • Build legendary structures. From towering stone standing stones to grand halls and more. Build and protect massive structures using materials from across the map.
  • Customize your play style. Choose a look and starting layout tailored to your playstyle before diving into the procedurally generated world and putting your skills to the test.

Currently available via Steam Early Access, Kainga: Seed of Civilization will be complete on December 6, 2022.

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