What is the Hive social media app and is it like Twitter?

Hive Social has become a talking point on social media after getting more users – what is the app and is it like Twitter?

Social media sites can go viral within days or weeks after gaining more subscribers.

In the case of Hive Social, the site has begun to establish itself on the web as an alternative networking site to Twitter.

So what is Hive Social? Here’s more about the trending social media app, including its features and how to download it.

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What is Hive Social?

Hive Social is a networking site originally launched in October 2019. The site has a growing community of over 800,000 users around the world.

“Raluca was fed up with the limitations she faced on social platforms where her posts weren’t seen by many friends and felt the pressure of complicated algorithms,” explains the app’s about page.

“With the frustration of other social media content creators, Raluca started Hive as a passion project in her bedroom and taught herself to code.

according to a Twitter post of the app in 2021, Hive Social gained 130,000 new users in a single night. Her success was the result of a paid promotion on TikTok and a tweet mention.

The site became the number one social media app on the App Store after 300,000 new users.

The app features a “Expressive Profile Page” where users can add profile music, zodiac signs, pronouns, an image gallery, and a text post tab.

Is Hive Social like Twitter?

Hive Social is very similar to Twitter in terms of profile layout, feed, and the type of content you can share with other users.

The site includes a feed that includes accounts you follow, a Discover page where you can find trending content, and the profile layout looks a lot like a Twitter profile layout.

In terms of design, the site also resembles some of Instagram’s features as you will find featured content and trending hashtags to follow users based on your own interests.

Hive Social also lets you repost, share, and reply to posts or upload gifs with their gif feature.

How to download Hive Social – Apple and Android

Hive Social is available for both Apple and Android users. Just go to the App Store or Play Store, type “Hive Social” and follow the instructions on your devices to get the app.

The site, which has been billed as a mobile-first app, has no desktop or browser versions at the time of writing.

If you want to learn more about the app and its latest updates, go to its official one Twitter Side.

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