Wednesday’s release date and time – how to watch online

Netflix is ​​the new home for the creepy and wacky, at least when it hits its Wednesday release date (you can guess which day that is), and we can watch Tim Burton’s Wednesday Addams series online.

Wednesday start time, channel

Wednesday premieres (all 10 episodes at once) on Wednesday (November 23) at 3pm ET on Netflix (opens in new tab).

Netflix loves its YA-focused spin-offs of popular movies (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has four seasons), so it’s no big surprise that Netflix has a show starring one of Goth’s most iconic kids in Wednesday Addams (now played by Jenna Ortega). . Ms. Addams, now a teenager, was kicked out of a high school that was far too normal for her and is on her way to the school where her parents met.


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