Watch Black Adam Online: Digital Release Date Announced

Dwayne Johnsons Black Adam is getting a surprise digital release date that comes much sooner than most DCU fans would expect.

The long-matured DC Studios epic has been in theaters for a little over a month and has done everything but set the world on fire. The film was released to less than stellar reviews and made a meager $366 million at the box office (less than Black Panther: Wakanda Forever made in two weeks).

star of Black Adam Dwayne Johnson has been open about his reception and has defended the film several times since its release in October.

But now, not long after the film’s initial release, Black Adam seems to be coming home a lot sooner than some might have thought.

Black Adam gets a streaming date

This was announced in a press release by Warner Bros. (WB). Black Adam would hit digital showcases on November 22, just 31 days after its theatrical debut.

The digital launch marks the shortest exclusive theatrical window for any widely released DCU film.

The film will also get a full 4K Blu-ray release just after the New Year, on January 3, 2023.

Both the digital release and the Blu-ray disc are packed with special features, although the exact details are unclear at this time. However, judging by WB’s list, it appears that audiences will get a documentary on the history of Dwayne Johnson’s DC character and the Justice Society of America, an in-depth look at the film’s various costumes, and a look at the design of Black Adam‘s fictional nation, Kahndaq.

The full list of special features is below:

  • The Story of Black Adam
  • Who is the Justice Society?
  • From the soul to the screen
  • Black Adam: A flawed hero
  • Black Adam: New Technology in an Old World
  • Black Adam: Escape
  • Kahndaq: Designing a nation
  • The Rock of Eternity
  • Costumes make heroes
  • Black Adam: A new type of action

Why is Black Adam meeting digital so soon?

It must be disappointing for WB that its big fall DC movie was so successful. After finding success with Matt Reeves earlier this year The Batmanit was hoped the studio could ride the wave of goodwill and round out 2022 with another bang.

Well, that wasn’t the case. Black Adam Art came and went without much fanfare other than the cast and crew promoting the film. It seems that one of the film’s only talking points was that it marked the return of Henry Cavill’s Superman.

This all contributes to why the Dwayne Johnson-led blockbuster is cutting its losses and going digital as soon as possible. With this move, WB is really trying to get as much juice out of him as possible Black Adam orange as it goes.

Taking that step later would have risked the film falling even further out of the conversation than it already has. In doing so, the studio is providing audiences with as many opportunities to see the film as possible so WB can begin to recoup its investment.

Black Adam is in theaters now with a digital release on November 22nd.


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