Violent Night: Christmas 2022 theatrical release and age rating UK

Violent Night has been compared to the 1980s cult film Die Hard starring Bruce Willis

Violent Night brings action and adventure to your screens this holiday season.

There’s only one thing Santa can do, and that’s save those on his nice list and teach those on the evil list a deadly lesson.

The action-adventure film has been compared to the cult-classic Die Hard, starring Bruce Willis, with director Wirkola revealing that the film “had a huge impact”.

So does it live up to the hype and when can you see Violent Night in the UK? Here’s everything you need to know.

What is the release date of Violent Night?

Violent Night hits UK cinemas on Friday 2nd December.

David Harbor speaks onstage at the Violent Night: Exclusive Screening Event during New York Comic Con (Image: Getty Images for ReedPop)

What is the plot?

Violent Night tells the story of how Santa Claus, played by Harbour, gets involved in a hostage holdup on Christmas Eve and has to take matters into his own hands to rescue those who are on the nice list and severely punish those who are on stuck to the naughty one.

Universal’s plot synopsis reads: “When a team of mercenaries break into a wealthy family compound on Christmas Eve and take everyone inside hostage, the team is unprepared for a surprise fighter: Santa Claus is on the compound, and he’s about to show why Nick is not a saint.”

Is there a trailer

The trailer for Violent Night was released on October 5th and was shared on social media by Universal. The gory trailer includes a brief synopsis of the plot, including graphic images of Harbor taking on the invaders as Saint Nick and crafting all sorts of things for weapons, including candy canes.

You can check out the trailer for Violent Night below:

What is the age rating?

Violent Night was rated 15 in the UK due to scenes of heavy blood violence, gore, language and sex references. In the US, it has an R rating, which stands for restricted viewing. This means that those under the age of 17 must have a parent or legal guardian present.

Who is playing in Violent Night?

Stranger Things’ Harbor has big boots to fill as Santa, while John Leguizamo (When They See Us, John Wick) will take on the role of kidnapped villain Ben. Other cast members include: Cam Gigandet (Without Remorse), Alex Hassell (Cowboy Bebop), Alexis Louder (The Tomorrow War), Edi Patterson (The Righteous Gemstones) and Beverly D’Angelo (National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation).

Why has it been compared to Die Hard?

The Christmas film has been compared to the 1980s cult film Die Hard, which stars Bruce Willis as John McClane who tries to save his wife after terrorists take her hostage during their Christmas party. The two films share a similar synopsis, but this time the hero isn’t an off-duty cop, but Santa Claus himself.

While presenting a clip of the upcoming film during the Universal Pictures panel at CinemaCon in April 2022, Harbor introduced the film and compared it to Die Hard. He said: “Escape is great. I’m a huge fan. But what about movies that make you sweat?”

Harbor added: “Don’t you like action movies? Who doesn’t love a great action movie, right? How about Christmas movies? So what about a movie that is a great action movie and the best Christmas movie rolled into one? Die Hard. Damn it, die hard.”

In an interview with IGN, director Wirkola acknowledges the influence, stating, “Die Hard was obviously a huge influence,” adding, “And for me, just as a director, McTiernan is one of my favorite directors and we try to make that movie.” to pay tribute and honor him as much as possible. And then we try to do our own thing and build on that. Our own crazy story.”


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