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Oscar-nominated director and actor, Sarah Poley brings Miriam Towes Novel 2018 women speak to the big screen this year. Sarah Polley, 43, is best known for her work on the television show ramona and the 2004 movie Dawn of the Dead and has directed films such as Take this waltz and away from her. But this time, she brings forth a raw and relatable story in which women speak out and question their belief in a close-knit Mennonite community. women speak is produced by Brad Pitts Plan B entertainerst in collaboration with Orion images and Universal images holds international distribution rights. Here’s everything we know about the drama so far.

Release date and how to see …

women speak is scheduled for a limited theatrical release December 2, 2022and will have a worldwide release on December 16, 2022. Because the distribution rights of the film are included Amazon Even the audience can expect to see women speak keep streaming Prime video Early 2023 after the theatrical release. women speak had its world premiere on September 2, 2022In the Telluride Film Festivalfollowed by Toronto International Film Festival and 60th New York Film Festival.

What is the plot of women speak?

IMDB |  women speak
IMDB | women speak

The plot is adapted from Miriam Toews The 2018 novel of the same name is inspired in part by author Toews’ formative years in a Mennonite town in Manitoba, Canada, which she left at the age of 18, between 2005 and 2009. The film tells the story of eight women in a conservative religious Mennonite community who learn a harrowing truth and decide to hold a secret meeting in a hayloft to discuss their future actions. The women discover that they have been drugged and raped by the men in their community for several years.

Who is in the cast and crew of women speak?

IMDB |  women speak
IMDB | women speak

This film’s cast includes some of the most acclaimed actresses in the industry, including Oscar winners Frances McDormand who also serves as the producer of this film. Added to this is the star-studded lineup Rooney Mara play ona, Jessie Buckley play mariche, The crown Fame Claire Foy plays Salome and Ben Whishaw will star as August Epp. Under Sarah Poley‘s direction there is an Icelandic musician and composer Hildur Guðnadóttir worked on the film score and Canadian cinematographer Luc Montpellier sits at the helm of the camera.

Is there a trailer for women speak?

Yes, on October 10, 2022 Universal Pictures released a trailer and featurette capturing behind-the-scenes footage of the film.

Is there a poster for women speak?

Yes, a teaser poster is available. Check it out below…

IMDB |  women speak
IMDB | women speak


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