This video of Norway’s Pulpit Rock is exciting and scary

Some of nature’s most beautiful attractions have an element of being equal parts scary and exciting. Norway’s Preikestolen, which offers a beautiful view of the cliffs, is one of these places. The cliff has no railings around it, which preserves its natural beauty and gives it some risk.

What also makes Pulpit Rock special is its flat surface, measuring approximately 82 feet by 82 feet. Tourists often hike to this point to rest and enjoy the view on this plateau-like surface. A few of the braver ones even go to the edge of the cliff and dangle their feet. In recent years, BASE jumpers have also started jumping away.

On Tuesday, a popular Twitter account posted aerial video of Preikestolen showing groups of people standing above it. This undated clip has garnered over 9,000 views and over 20,000 likes. While many people expressed awe at the scenic location, some also spoke of how the steep cliff aroused fear in them.

Echoing the latter view, one Twitter user wrote: “I literally freak out just looking at and reading this. I can feel it in my legs. I feel the need to lay flat on the floor. From my living room.”

Another person said: “In the US it would have ugly railings, exit signs and a portable potty. I am Europe, they say: “If you fall over the edge, it’s your own fault”.


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