The Three Body Problem adaptation gets an official release date

Warning: This contains SPOILERS about the anime adaptation of The Three-Body ProblemThe award-winning science fiction novel The three body problem was adapted into an anime series by the Chinese online video and anime platform bilibiliand the first episode is scheduled to premiere on December 3, 2022.

Cixin Lius The three body problemthis is the first book in his Memory of Earth’s past The trilogy follows Ye Wenjie, a Chinese astrophysicist who, after suffering political persecution for supporting her father during the Cultural Revolution, is given a seemingly impossible job of using radio waves to destroy other nations’ spy satellites . However, after learning from one of the leaders of the satellite destruction effort that the real goal of the project is to contact extraterrestrial life, Ye throws herself into the work. Years later, depressed and convinced that there is no hope for a world of corruption, manipulation and oppression, Ye receives a message from an alien on the planet Trisolaris describing the chaos and tragedy of his planet. The alien warns Ye not to react, as doing so would result in the Trisolarian invasion of Earth. Fearing that humanity will never be able to solve their problems, Ye replies, hoping that the Trisolarians will invade Earth and make it a better place. However, after sending the messages, Ye soon realizes that it will be 450 before the first Trisolarians arrive. Meanwhile, factions form on Earth to support and oppose their arrival once word spreads that the Trisolarians are on their way.


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In a pre-announcement detailing his anime airing plans for the coming year, Bilibili highlighted his production of The three body problem as one of his featured publications. Usually, an adaptation is a testament to the work’s popularity with the public. This applies in particular to The three body problem. In addition to Bilibili, two other strong film and television companies, namely Netflix and Chinese tech giant Tencent, have also produced their own live-action adaptations of the story. Appropriately, the world-famous story has its own version of the three-body problem.

Scientists should be careful what they wish for

lius The three body problem, won the prestigious science fiction and fantasy-oriented Hugo Award for Best Novel in 2015. It is widely regarded as the novel that introduced the world to the dynamic universe of Chinese science fiction literature. In fact, it has gained an almost cult-like following in both China and the United States. Without a doubt, Bilibili must also see the anime adaptation as a way to popularize the equally dynamic and cutting-edge world of Chinese animation.

What is Lius doing? The three body problem so interesting is that there is something for everyone. There’s deep-dive sci-fi, political tension, crime suspense, and a healthy dose of Chinese culture and history. Also, the premise of the story isn’t all that far-fetched. That means viewers can imagine someone coming up with an as yet unproven hypothesis that sets the world on fire. Sure, there are few Western sci-fi works that so seamlessly integrate the story’s myriad subplots. bilibili is certainly betting on this new change in the sci-fi genre to attract a new cohort of Western fans of Chinese anime with its adaptation of The three body problem.

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Source: Bilibili, Yahoo! News


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