The official Genshin Impact announcement revealing the release date of the 3.3 Livestream program

The official Genshin Impact announcement revealing the exact release date of the upcoming livestream event for the upcoming 3.3 update confirms the release date of the 3.3 livestream program.

The release date of the upcoming Update 3.3 live stream event has been officially announced by Genshin Impact. Five-star Anemo user Wanderer and a new enigmatic four-star character named Faruzan have already been confirmed by the game’s social media accounts as part of the update.

An intriguing practice from developer HoYoverse is to hold a Special Program event a few days before the release of each new Genshin Impact update. Most of the upcoming content, such as new characters, locations, weapons, or events, are usually shown during the live stream.

The exact release date for the version 3.3 special program has finally been revealed on the Genshin Impact official Twitter account. The event will take place on November 25 at 7 a.m. (UTC-5) as per the announcement.

One of the new characters, Wanderer, formerly known as Scaramouche, is featured in the official event artwork. He is one of the most anticipated additions to the squad. His first appearance dates back to version 1.1, which made him an integral part of the game’s official narrative for a very long time. Scaramouche’s true evil intentions were quickly revealed and many players expected him to be one of the bosses in the final game.

A recent video for a Genshin Impact trailer revealed that Scaramouche’s story is quite tragic. He was originally designed to carry the Electro-Gnosis, which would make him an Electro-Archon. However, the God of Eternity changed her mind and sealed Wanderer’s abilities. He became one of the eleven Fatui Harbingers after joining the notorious Fatu organization.

Before Wanderer can be added to the list of playable players, there is a chance that he will switch to the bright side of the story. His official Splash Art has confirmed that he can control the Anemo element, despite previously being credited as an Electro character.

The latest information from the beta indicates that Wanderer will be a new DPS character with a distinctive playstyle and the ability to fly through the air using the Anemo element.

The earlier rumors that Itto will appear on the same double banner as Wanderer are reinforced by Itto’s appearance in the artwork. In the right team, Arataki Itto is also a strong DPS unit that can deal a lot of damage.

He plays a crucial role in the popular All Geo team competition, which also features four-star support Gorou, whose kit includes Itto as its primary DPS.

Genshin Impact is now available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and mobile devices. A Switch version is currently in the works.


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