The Mosquito Coast Season 2 Episode 4 release date, time and where to watch

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This article is a preview of Apple TV+ series The Mosquito Coast Season 2 Episode 4, detailing release date, time and where to watch online.

AppleTV+‘s redo from 1986 Peter Weir’s film of the same name might not have been a huge hit with critics, but it’s another example of why nobody really cares when a second season was commissioned almost immediately anyway. The second season began with the Fox family continuing to flee the US government November 4, 2022.

The Mosquito Coast Season 2, Episode 3With “Talk About the Weather” the foxes entered a new community, but some developments made things much more interesting. Here’s what happened:

  • Allie and her family arrive at a settlement run by a woman named Isela, who knows both Allie and Margot personally.
  • Two weeks later, Allie has settled in and Charlie comes over there, although he’s still acting weird, while Dina and Margot conspired to drug Allie and escape on the trawler.
  • Through Adolfo, the bosun’s assistant, Dina learns that Isela has sold Allie’s trawler, presumably to keep it where she needs it. Dina and Margot decide to make their move.
  • However, Isela also tells Allie to get everything he needs off the boat before she sells it. There he finds evidence that the engine was refueled behind his back. If he puts two and two together, he sinks the trawler.

The Mosquito Coast Season 2 Episode 4 Release Date/Time

The latest episode is due out on Apple TV+ on Friday, 11/25/2022 at 12 p.m. PT. The episode is titled “Talk About the Weather.”

How many episodes will The Mosquito Coast season 2 have?

The Mosquito Coast Season 2 will have ten episodes, which is more than the first season’s seven. They are published weekly by November 4, 2022 to January 6, 2023. Episode titles are as follows: The Damage Done, Least Concern Species, Talk About the Weather, A Lump, a Bone, a Hank of Hair, Positive, Front-Facing Optics, Goat Head Taco”, “The Burning of Judas”, “Dead Totems”, “The Counterfeiters” and “Eulogy”.

Is there a trailer

Yes! You can watch it here:

Where to Watch The Mosquito Coast Online?

As mentioned above, the show is exclusive to Apple TV+, which is available with a subscription.

Predictions for The Mosquito Coast Season 2 Episode 4:

  • I was obviously wrong about the family dynamic – instead, Margot and Dina appear to be in league against Allie with the goal of influencing Charlie as well.
  • Charlie still seems to have some issues that are suspected to be getting worse.
  • Isela is keeping Allie and his family at camp because she needs something from them – what? She does not work with William Lee and even takes the risk that he tracks her down.


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