The Kaiji Anime announces the English voice cast, release date and time, and more

HIDIVE, an anime-centric streaming service, revealed the English cast and release date and time for its previously announced English dub of the Kaiji Monday afternoon anime series. The dub, which will be released roughly 15 years after the release of the original anime premiere, was one of the more shocking announcements from the summer of 2022 conventions.

That Kaiji However, dub arrives and finally satisfies the series’ fanatical audience. While the dub is new, the original version with English subtitles has been available on streaming services for years.

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That Kaiji dub will premiere in late November 2022, marking the series’ first new anime release in 11 years

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As mentioned above, anime-centric streaming service HIDIVE has finally announced the cast list and release date and time for its English dub of The Kaiji Anime series. With this latest news not naming other streaming services hosting the series’ dub, it seems that HIDIVE is the only place to catch this exciting release.

HIDIVE will debut the series on Monday, November 28, 2022 at 12 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. The English dub will also premiere with 9 episodes that will take viewers straight through the first major arc of the series, a fantastic move by HIDIVE to generate immediate interest in the series.

The English cast list includes the following:

  • Jeremy Gee as Ito Kaiji
  • David Wald as narrator
  • Dave Harbold as Mr. Tonegawa
  • David Matranga as Endo
  • Marty Fleck as Hyodo
  • Tyler Galindo as Furuhata
  • Sean Patrick Judge as Ando
  • Gabriel Regojo as Funai
  • Scott Gibbs as Kitami
  • Chris Hutchinson as Okabayashi
  • John Swasey as Ishida
  • Bobby Haworth as a hyena
  • Matthew Rudd as Takada
  • Jay Hickman as Sakai
  • Kyle Colby Jones as Zawa voice
  • Ty Mahany as MIB Kawasaki
  • John Gremillion as MIB Ogino

Other votes should also be:

  • Markus Mendelsohn
  • Shannon Reed
  • Camryn Nunley
  • Shane Finemore
  • James Marlor
  • Patrick Marrero
  • Chris Hutchinson
  • Blake Weird
  • Johnny Knight

Kyle Colby Jones is directing the English dubbing and co-writing the screenplay with Marta Bechtol. Jonathan Rodriguez and Matt Wittmeyer are considered the sound engineers, while Brent Marshall is responsible for mix and sound design.

That Kaiji Anime series follows its eponymous protagonist, a social misfit who is also a dead gambler. When his friend defaults on the debt he co-signed, he has to repay the yakuza with millions of yen. So he’s taken onto a mysterious casino ship where he can regain his life by gambling with other passengers, or possibly lose their freedom, or worse.

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