Terriifier 2 gets Special Edition VHS release

No one can get enough of Art the Clown and Damien Leone‘s massive horror hit horror 2. The ultra-gory slasher became a fan favorite largely through word of mouth, reaping a much wider and more successful theatrical run than originally anticipated. It has since seen releases on both 4K Ultra HD and SCREAMBOX for streaming. Now the film turns to a format that feels all too appropriate – VHS. Cinedigm and SCREAMBOX have officially licensed a fully featured VHS release through Broke Horror Fan and Witter Entertainment for fans to add to their collection.

Horror once thrived on VHS, thanks to the often incredible box art that set it apart from other tapes in the video store. However, instead of just having one type of box art, the horror 2 The VHS release comes in three flavors. The first two, the black clamshell cover and the big box variant, both feature artwork we’ve already seen from Creepy Duck Design and Sam Coyne with kind menacing over the last girl Sienna Shaw (Lauren LaVera) in her angelic warrior costume. The other large box with a hinged lid features some new artwork promoting the damn delicious Art Crispies made from cereal. Both of the previous tracks would make enticing VHS cover art on their own, but the Art Crispies box captures the video store’s horror feel with a cartoonish manner that pours blood into its gory breakfast treat.


The film has also been cropped from its original display to a 4:3 format to best suit the VHS format. Every part of the process was also approved directly by Leone. More information on the VHS edition, including a re-release of the original Terriers VHS, will be out as release date nears.

Fright 2 - 2

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More background on horror 2

Appropriately described by horror fan Mike Flanagan as “Megaslasher” horror 2 sees David Howard Thornton reprises his role as Art as the evil clown returns from the dead to wreak havoc once again on Halloween night. A year after his body was found missing at the morgue, Art found Sienna and her younger brother Jonathan (Eliot Fullam), the latter of which is possessed by the Killer Clown. Samantha Scaffidi, Jenna Kanelland Catherine Corcoran also return with franchise newcomers from the original film Felissa Rose, Chris Jericho, Sarah Voigt, Kailey Hyman, Casey Hartnettand Griffin Santopietro complete the cast.

Thanks to its word-of-mouth publicity and the intense, vomit-inducing blood that drove thrill-seekers to theaters to see the film, Leone’s horror sequel alluded to a budget of just around $11 million $250,000 at the box office in two separate runs. The horror film went so viral that Bloody Disgusting even submitted the film to the Academy for the Oscars, even if it was just for laughs.

That horror 2 The VHS release will be available just after Christmas on December 27th. The tape will be available on Witter Entertainment’s website. Check out the box art below:

Image via Broke Horror Fan


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