Tarot Prediction – Donald Trump Presidential Campaign 2024

When Trump announced a few weeks ago that he would run for the presidency for the fourth time, the world trembled again. The last few years have been a confusing time for Americans as Trump took over the leadership of the country. While his actions were puzzling, he certainly left his mark.

Trump announced that he would run again for the presidency

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As soon as Trump announced his campaign for the 2024 election, people across the country groaned collectively because nobody seems to be in favor of seeing another rematch between old chap Joe Biden and other old chap Donald Trump. Watching them fight in 2020 was brutal but a rematch would be the final blow to the country.

Following his defeat in the 2020 election, Trump was likely humiliated by his dramatic reaction to his loss and the ensuing violence that swept the country and led to the January 6 attack on the Capitol. After all his theatrical moves, Trump wants another chance to be President of the United States. Will Trump’s bid for President succeed? Will he be able to launch a successful campaign? Will Trump be president again? These questions have started to dominate the headlines. Let’s ask our trusty tarot deck about the dreaded future of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Trump’s Future on the Presidential Path

As it stands, Donald Trump’s motivations for running for another term are massively fueled by his inability to ever accept defeat, as the five swords on my spread clearly show. Just like in 2020, the male child refuses to accept his loss in the last election. In other words, Trump’s goal this time is to save face rather than win legitimately. The real estate mogul would choose Biden’s defeat over his own victory.

However, he thinks big, as he always does, as suggested by the three of the wand explanation card. In the coming days his demeanor could change for the better, hopefully the Queen of Swords will bring some sanity into the equation. The maps suggest his public speaking will focus on logical deductions rather than conspiracies. While he’d like to delve into the “what ifs” he likes to talk about, Trump is at a crossroads, shown by the moon map and its subsequent companion, the Two of Swords, in approaching the public with less controversial issues, especially after his 2020 defeat. In other words, he’s cautious.

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It seems he is abandoning his opportunistic thinking in favor of a more emotional and charming personality evoked by the side of the cups. But there is certainly a transformation ahead Trump card until the end next year, as the death card stands out in the middle of the spread. He could turn his strategies upside down and stop doing what he is doing. There’s a good chance Trump will retire from politics for a while, only to return if he gets a better offer in the area represented by the ace of pentacles. I would suggest that everyone should expect a short break in Trump’s run for him President, after that he would come back with an even bigger bang. Most likely, he will go on the offensive and channel Knight of Swords energy first.

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