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colour was blacklisted for most popular unproduced screenplay in 2010. There it was ranked alongside screenplays for Jackie, Argo, Snow White and The Huntsman, Gangster Squad, The Butler, What Happened To Monday?, which would later become HBO’s succession, and more.

The Black List is compiled by around three hundred senior film executives, studio assistants and in-the-loop studio representatives. They compile a list of unproduced screenplays that are clearly associated with that release year (written that year, based on a novel that year, etc.). Many scripts have achieved some notoriety within the studio community but remain unacquired for one reason or another, cementing their blacklisted status. Years after its placement in this publication, Brit McAdams’ colour is finally coming to the big screen.


The film’s premise bears a striking resemblance to Bob Ross, a culturally significant painter, personality, art teacher, and PBS television host The joy of painting. Ross is known for his balanced demeanor. He spoke in hushed, soothing tones while offering heartfelt guidance and painting guide. He sported an Afro and trimmed beard, and often appeared in jeans (referred to as a “Canadian tuxedo”). Ross had a significant impact in the 1980s and 1990s before dying of complications from lymphoma in 1995. However, his influence continues to this day. Ross and his show gained new momentum during the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown by finding a brand new audience of Gen Z and Millennial viewers and reminding former fans of the award-winning show.

While colour Incorporating many of Bob Ross’ trademarks, Brit McAdams took inspiration only from the Happy Trees painter when writing this upcoming comedy film.

Color: The plot

Every episode of The Joy of Painting starring Bob Ross streams for free on YouTube
American Public Television

IFC Films offered this official synopsis:

“Carl Nargle, a local sweetheart with a soothing, whispering voice, has hosted his own painting show on Vermont public television for decades. His art is captivating and has attracted the attention of many women over the years, particularly those who work at the But Carl is in a rut and the channel isn’t collecting ratings. When a new painter is hired to revitalize the canal, Carl’s own fears about his talents as a painter are brought to the fore.”

Nargle’s voice, demeanor and easy-to-understand teaching technique cultivated a loyal, enthusiastic audience. His signature style includes an afro, piped, long-sleeved button-down shirt, light-wash denim, and a large palette and brush in hand (similar to Bob Ross). All of this combined means his audience consists of adoring Vermont viewers… and a host of radiant, adoring women, both viewers and colleagues.

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Despite his artistic success and standing in Vermont society, Carl finds himself in a creative rut. Additionally, the channel is no longer holding the ratings and long-term viewership it once had. The station eventually hires a new, young painter to revitalize the channel. The painter will use the same method and platform that Carl pioneered for decades. Adding to Carl’s fear of losing his artistic talent is the fear of being replaced by the new offspring.

How will Carl and the new contender fare? Will a new generation find Carl’s work and reinvigorate the show much like Gen-Z found Bob Ross? Can Carl bolster his artistic talents against the looming rut he’s found himself in?

Color: cast and crew

Steve N Root

colour Stars Owen Wilson (Marley & I, Wedding Crashers, Loki)Michaela Watkins (werewolves within, sword of trust, CBS’ The Unicorn), Ciara Renee (CWs arrow verses), Wendi McLendon-Covey (bridesmaids, ABC’s The Goldbergs), Luisa Strus (Search party, 50 first dates) and Stephen Root (HBO’s Barry, office space) and breakout star Lucy Freyer.

Brit McAdams wrote and directed the film. Sam Maydew and Peter Brant produced the film, with Owen Wilson, Richard J. Bosner and Joel David Moore serving as executive producers. In addition, IFC Films and Silver Lining Entertainment produced and distributed the film.

release date

Meet the Parents_owen Wilson
Dreamworks images

The film will premiere in theaters on April 28, 2023 and stream exclusively on AMC+ later this year.

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Color: Everything else

After acquiring the rights to colourArianna Bocco, President of IFC Films, issued a statement:

“We are thrilled to finally be working with the boundless and multifaceted talent of Owen Wilson as he effortlessly brings the character of Carl Nargle to life from a thoughtfully written and directed by Brit McAdams. colour has all the makings of a quotable comedic masterpiece, and we hope viewers of all ages will be ready for lots of laughs and hearts.

At every step of the film’s production, we’ve struggled to work with talented people who are also good people. From our first conversation, IFC felt like the perfect home for Paint, not only because they love the film and how respected they are in the industry, but also because they are individuals. We are all beyond thrilled that they are adding their signature to this image.”

Despite the attention Britt McAdams deserves colour, this marks his directorial debut. McAdams has previously written for Tosh.0, Katt Williams: American Hustle, and triviatown.


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