Shantaram Season 1 Episode 9 release date, time and where to watch

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We discuss predictions for the Apple TV+ series Shantaram Season 1 Episode 9, giving the release date and where to watch it online.

Shantaram Season 1, Episode 8 includes a few subplots, including the rivalry between Walid (Mel Odedra) and Khader (Alexander Siddig) incurred in a war over water in the slums. Karla (Antonia Desplat) tries to convince Sunita (Tharanya Tharan) call up Pandey (Alvin Maharaj), Qasim (Alyy Khan) negotiated with Khader, and Modena (Elham Ehsas) and Maurizio (Luke Pasqualino) plan their escape from Bombay.

The latest edition falls into their usual trappings, Lin is worshiped like a god again, narration is used lazily to spell out the story, and many cliched moments mix into the plot. Although near the climax of the episode there is an exciting fight sequence that you might want to stay for. Here’s what happened in episode eight of Shantaram:

  • A flashback reveals how Lin started his drug addiction and fell in love with Gemma at a protest. He calls her name during his fever dreams. Lin is finally sick with cholera and Karla nurses him back to health.
  • Kavita continues her investigation into Lin’s illegal past.
  • Lin confesses his love to Karla and tells her he has to leave town, even though Karla doesn’t want to commit.
  • Prabhu is given permission to court Parvati. He runs to tell Lin, who is greeted with cheers from the crowd, that he’s better now.
  • Rafiq arrives with water trucks and smashes the bottles in front of the crowd. He warns them not to do business with Khader. They hit a few locals to show they mean business.
  • Karla asks Sunita to call Pandey and set up a meeting at the palace. Sunita refuses, stating that she is in love with Pandey and doesn’t want to hurt him. Karla tries to persuade her and points out Pandey’s manipulative nature. If he loves her, he will save her.
  • Modena and Maurizio decide to sell the remaining drugs and run away with all the profits. This would upset Madame Zhou to no end, but they would become rich in the short term.
  • Lin goes to Khader to explain the situation with Rafiq. Khader talks about the war between him and Walid. They decide to meet with Qasim to reach an agreement. Khader will provide the slum dwellers with electricity, water, jobs and education until construction begins. Kasim accepted.
  • Modena tricks Maurizio and runs away with all the money.
  • Abdullah and Khader’s cronies help protect the locals from Rafiq and his men. A fight ensues over the water. Rafiq’s men are outnumbered and flee, leaving the water behind. Lin celebrates this well-deserved victory but is sad to leave Bombay.

Shantaram Season 1 Episode 9 release date and time

Episode 9 is scheduled to air Friday, November 25, 2022 at 12:00 p.m. PT on Apple TV+. Episode 9 is titled “Should I Stay or Should I Go” and will run for 60 minutes.

where to watch online

Viewers worldwide can catch Shantaram Season 1, Episode 9, with a Apple TV+ subscription on the above date.


  • As the title of the next episode suggests, Lin has a big decision to make, leave Bombay or stay. If we’re only on episode nine of twelve, I’d put my money on him staying a little longer. Kavita has yet to fully figure out Lin’s deception, and authorities have yet to arrive at his doorstep. Lin seems to have some time left in Bombay.
  • Khader has won over Qasim and the locals, they will side with him because of Walid. Walid tried to retaliate with Rafiq’s water ban but they were defeated. He must formulate a new plan to defeat Khader and his men. The slum dwellers will surely find themselves in the middle of this war again.
  • Lin will try to win Karla over and together they will plan their own escape.
  • Modena will flee with Lisa. They will book a plane ticket for departure, although Maurizio will be hot on their heels.

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