RIP Twitter is trending: 5 imminent consequences of shutting down

If Twitter shuts down, here are the consequences;

There were reports of mass resignations afterwards Elon Musk’s (who acquired the company for $44 billion) an email about how the company becomes hardcore with a tough work environment and even after he fired 50% of the workforce.

Twitter is one of those places where public discourse is allowed unhindered. You can say anything on Twitter, even if it’s a double-edged sword, but as long as what you say doesn’t discriminate or express harm, everyone needs to be able to say what they really think.

No other platform has been used to track a cause like Twitter. Dictatorships were challenged and noble causes were championed on Twitter. A very common one is the End Sars movement in Nigeria, which initially started as an online movement on Twitter.

Even Instagram and Twitter abound with screenshots of tweets, Twitter is a fun place and rightfully so. The comment sections and random conversations can spark so much humor, not to mention how people can turn seemingly funny events into jokes e.g. B. Memes about WW3 and the death of the Queen of England.

Another time, Twitter helped bring criminals to justice. A simple case is a girl Iniobong Umoren that was murdered while she was going to an interview. Her friend made her last call and chat on Twitter and that helped the police apprehend the MURE. Due to online excitement from Twitter, the FBI stepped in to investigate a woman’s death Shanquella Robinson who was found dead on a trip with friends last week.

For many people, Twitter is the thread that holds their mental health together. By spending time online, they can distract themselves from the bad events in their lives.


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