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Since its official acquisition by Electronic Arts (EA) in 2017, respawn entertainment didn’t redo a single one titanium fall. Though the acquisition doesn’t seem like a huge reason for that. The first titanium fall Game was a commercial success. And the second, while not on the same level as the original, also sold remarkably well.

The franchise average ratings that make it critically acclaimed. That’s why it seems at first glance as if the series has it all. But it’s confusing when you find out titan case 3the prophesied sequel to the super hit, is still just an idea.

Months after the launch of the second game, rumors about the third part spread like wildfire. Of course, fans went along with it, expecting the sequel to the mecha shooter to be in their hands in a few years. Unfortunately, six years later, all those guaranteed endorsements mean nothing today. Unsurprisingly, the prospect titan case 3 looks as grim as ever, but is it really too late for the next entry? Never.

Has Titanfall 3 been officially confirmed by Respawn?

Unfortunately, Respawn hasn’t announced that Titanfall 3 is under development. Also, judging by the studio’s current list of future titles, it doesn’t seem like the sci-fi series will be returning any time soon.

Well, that’s the current impression. In response to these mounting concerns from fans, Respawn issued a statement in late 2021; how Titanfall still remains part of their “core DNA”.

According to them, they are still very focused on the series. But that’s pretty odd considering we’ve heard nothing but hopeful requests for a sequel for the last half decade or so.

Instead, we’re seeing more and more of their battle royale game, Apex Legends. And Respawn seems to have the single player market in its grip as well, since the successful launch of its first narrative IP, Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, on the market.

Apex Legends, the spiritual successor

Genre fever finally caught up with EA in 2017, when Fortnite revolutionized gaming by starting a trend for battle royale mode. With that, EA and Respawn Entertainment developed Apex Legends as an introduction to the category. The game, which launched in 2019, became a commercial success and still enjoys a massive player base, averaging in the millions each month.

Apex Legends EA Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends

Well how works titan case 3 come into play here? Initially, everyone had the impression that Apex Legends would be the third part. So it came as a surprise when the Apex Legends IP was officially announced.

Although Apex Legends turned out to be an entirely separate experience, it was later revealed that it was actually in the titanium fall Universe. This statement was confirmed when we finally saw Ash, one of the antagonists of titan fall 2be added as a playable character to Apex Legends in season eleven.

But apart from this clear confirmation, there are many other references in the game. Another reason is that Apex Legends’ Wraith and Bloodhound both have a Gen 10 Titan Pilot badge on their suits.

So there’s a lot of footnotes about both games taking place in the same universe. That’s enough to make you think that Apex is really a spiritual successor to titanium fall Franchise.

Respawn is booked at Star Wars

As mentioned above, Respawn has entered the single player market. They released Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order in 2019 and the game was a smash hit. Taking inspiration from the Souls series created by From Software, it initially felt like an eerie way of bringing the galaxy far, far away to life. But the studio’s whimsical spin on the systems transformed the experience into something entirely new on many fronts.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order by Respawn Entertainment

Some time later, a sequel was announced with a teaser. So currently, all hands at Respawn are busy polishing Star Wars: Jedi Survivor. While this might be great news for most, it’s once again nagging news for fans who are looking forward to it titan case 3.

Besides Jedi Survivor, Respawn is also working on several other Star Wars-related IPs. One game is a first person shooter while the other appears to be a strategy title.

That makes a total of four Star Wars games under Respawn’s belt. And that in turn suggests they’ll be booked for another year or two. realise your potential titan case 3 project even further.

EA signs multi-game deal with Marvel

Following on from the glorious success EA has had with Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, the company has now signed a multi-title deal Wonder for similar new single player IPs. A total of three games are to be developed by the EA studios. The first among them is a third-person action-adventure title about Iron Man.

EA revealed that motif studio, known from Star Wars: Squadrons & Star Wars Battlefront II, will lead the project. In that sense, EA is finally liking single-player experiences. And that goes very against what the company previously announced.

But shifting the focus to more single-player titles doesn’t do much in the case of titan case 3 except to delay it. Although, yes, they could possibly do a better story mode for the third part if it happens.

EA isn’t known for its narrative-driven games, so it will be fascinating to see what it ends up doing with this opportunity. And depending on whether or not the company’s future single-player IP efforts prove fruitful, we’ll see or not titan case 3a multiplayer game, pop up quickly.

Anyway, Respawn’s occasional tweets about it titanium fall raise some hope. In particular, one wonders if years later they’re still talking about the importance of the franchise, then they must have something planned for its future.

Titanfall 3 release date

Unfortunately there is no official release date for titan case 3. From the looks of it, Respawn Entertainment is working on several titles centered on the Star Wars universe. So we doubt you’ll see the third part anytime soon until these games are released. However, when speculating about the release date, 2025 seems to be our best guess.

titan fall 2
titan fall 2

In addition to the Star Wars projects, Respawn’s parent company EA just signed a three-game deal with Marvel. The first Iron Man game is probably still in early pre-production at Motive Studio. And who knows what studios might be working on the other two.

On the one hand when Respawn starts to develop titan case 3 after Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, then it should arrive by 2025. On the other, and more likely, scenario, Respawn could be working on a third Jedi game. There’s also a possibility that EA might end up stacking a Marvel game on Respawn’s already busy lap. In this case, the release date can even move beyond 2025.

As EA’s focus has shifted to releasing more and more single-player experiences, the already bleak odds are increasing titan case 3 seem to be drifting further away. But there have been plenty of gaming franchises that have defied the odds and come back with a sequel. So we can only hope so now titanium fall turns out to be one of them.


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