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Things got tense Doom Patrol Fans when shit started hitting the fan for HBO Max shows at Warner Bros. Discovery. When we found out, however, good news was in order joker and Harley Quinn weren’t the only DC projects saved from the chopping block.

DC’s favorite DC superheroes were safe in the end, too. This means it’s celebration time for Brendan Fraser fans (who portrays the disembodied brain that remains after Cliff Steele’s race car driver tragedy) after people were let down by the one bat girl Tax-deductible shelves. Also, we’ll be seeing a return of Diane Guerrero’s Crazy Jane soon, and hopefully that means more Karen mayhem and she’ll demand to speak to the manager.

Season 4 is coming soon (December 8th). Key members of the Doom gang (including Matt Bomer as Negative Man, April Bowlby as Elasi-Girl and Jovian Wade as Cyborg) will return, and we’ll also see Michelle Gomez as Madame Rouge. A teaser previously told us that “Daddy’s home,” meaning Cliff still makes Jane smile.

From the looks of the newly released trailer, the group will (at least in some ways) travel through time to confront the traumas that ultimately created their powers. Also, we have some dancing asses doing obscene things.

As the trailer suggests, trouble is on the horizon in the form of Immortus. We don’t get much indication here as to whether this is DC Comics’ General Immortus, but it does seem likely given the circumstances. Also, they have to save the world, and Cliff will (still) be very upset that he didn’t have an orgasm back when the collective climate scene was happening, and boy does it never get old to hear Fraser articulating profanity underneath robot apparatus. Still, the season’s logline suggests the team could be choosing luck over saving the world, which should make for an interesting season finale.

If you haven’t seen Fraser in this role before, then you’re missing out on a real treat. Although you can’t actually see Fraser even during his non-flashback scenes, rest assured that this is one of his finest performances. Cliff Steele is such a tragic character, but he’s also a hero who refuses to stick to the usual hero playbook. However, I dare say that this is the most structured, multi-dimensional Fraser character in the books to date The whale could boast of this honor.

Regardless of what oddities await this motley crew of reluctant heroes, Doom Patrol returns to HBO Max on December 8th. In general, HBO Max is dropping the first three episodes with weekly follow-up episodes, so the show will carry us well into the new year. Yeehaw!


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