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One piece Episode 1042 is scheduled for release on Sunday, November 27, 2022 at 9:30am JST.

The upcoming episode is one that fans are particularly looking forward to seeing as it marks the anime debut of Yamato’s Devil Fruit hybrid form. This is expected to lead to more fights between Yamato and Kaido, which fans are also looking forward to.

However, this is speculative with no spoiler information for One piece The events of Episode 1042 are available at the time of writing this article. Thankfully, fans have at least confirmed the release info about the upcoming highly-anticipated episode. Many are expecting it to be just as if not more action-packed than last week’s episode.

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One piece Episode 1042 preview suggests that Yamato vs. Kaido will continue in the upcoming episode

Date and time of publication where to see

As already mentioned, One piece Episode 1042 is scheduled to release Sunday, November 27, 2022 at 9:30am JST. For select international viewers, that means a Saturday night release window. However, most international fans will also see the episode available locally on Sunday morning. The exact release date varies by region and time zone.

International fans can stream the episode on Crunchyroll approximately 90 minutes after the episode aired in Japan. Also, while Funimation still streams new episodes weekly, their lag time is much longer than Crunchyroll’s. As a result, Crunchyroll is the better option to watch the upcoming episode.

One piece Episode 1042 is expected to be available on Crunchyroll in the appropriate time zones at the following times:

  • Pacific Standard Time: 6:00 p.m. Saturday, November 26
  • Eastern Standard Time: 9:00 p.m. Saturday, November 26
  • Greenwich Mean Time: 2:00 a.m. Sunday 27 November
  • Central European Time: 3:00 a.m. Sunday 27 November
  • Indian Standard Time: 7:30 am Sunday 27 November
  • Philippine Standard Time: 10:00 a.m. Sunday, November 27
  • Japan Standard Time: 11:00 a.m. Sunday, November 27
  • Australia Central Standard Time: 11:30 am Sunday 27 November

What to expect (speculative)

#ONEPIECE1042ONE PIECE EPISODE 1042 PREVIEW》Robin Vs Flashback of Black Maria, Yamato’s Transformation and Jaguar D. Saul & Robin NEXT WEEK!!!🔥

Based on the preview, fans can expect Yamato’s hybrid form to appear in the upcoming episode. This is expected to culminate in a fight with Kaido, but how long the sequence will last is unknown at the time of writing this article. However, Kaido’s inclusion in the preview suggests that some sort of battle between the two will take place.

Fans will also be able to see the Nico Robin vs Black Maria sequel in One piece Episode 1042. This will transition into a flashback to Nico Robin’s focus on her relationship with Jaguar D. Saul. The flashback appears to be made up of scenes that fans have already seen, but there’s always a chance that Toei Animation might add some anime original scenes.

One Piece Episode 1042 will also likely give fans an update on the general status of the battlefield. As Otama’s group changes the numbers by the minute, the exact numbers on each side will become increasingly important as the Onigashima heist progresses. With Luffy still absent, it is imperative for the Kozuki clan sympathizers to gain the upper hand before his return.

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