Next hot crypto token in 2023?

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In 2021, Solana’s price went from around $2 to over $250 – a massive increase of approximately 17,500%. The investment surge has produced a whole host of new millionaires during the process and logically leads us to the next question: what will be the hottest crypto token or utility token in 2023?

In this article, we look at a new insightful platform called Metacade (MCADE).

With its long-awaited pre-sale finally kicking off today, it’s sparking a ton of earnings discussions across crypto channels on how it will revolutionize gaming across the Metaverse. We’ll take a close look at why this could be the high-flying investment we’re looking for.

What is Metacade?

At its core, Metacade is Web3’s first community arcade. It intends to be the Metaverse equivalent of that uplifting arcade you and your friends spent hours in as kids (or at least saw in great movies like Terminator 2).

at metacade, you can meet up with friends, play a variety of brand new games, and even connect with leading game developers – who may be interested in hiring people like you. It’s everything you’ve come to expect from GameFi in one place.

The platform is powered by the MCADE Utility Token, which allows you to truly engage throughout the community and directly benefit from the growth of the Metacade platform.

Why Metacade Could Be the Hottest Crypto Token of 2023?

If you’re looking for an amazing utility token that can do it all, Metacade’s MCADE is the place to focus. Here are some of the main reasons why this crypto token is poised for an amazing 2023.

Games for every interest

Other Metaverse projects build single, standalone games with little scope or imagination for later expansion. Metacade thinks several smart steps ahead by creating a space where you can play not just one in the Metaverse, but a spectacular array of different titles, back-to-back, all in the same place.

This essentially makes Metacade a universal platform that has tremendous appeal to a wide variety of gamers of all interests and backgrounds. Whether it’s hosting competitive tournaments and events for hardcore gamers, or catering to laid-back casual gaming, Metacade caters to all categories and interest levels. Most other Web3 GameFi projects can’t offer anywhere near the same.

From an investment perspective, this lowers the risk significantly as they don’t rely on a single game to gain popularity. It’s akin to investing in Netflix rather than a single movie.


Not only will Metacade help its users establish their fledgling careers in Web3 gaming, it will also ensure the essential development of Web3 games on its platform through a sophisticated program called Metagrants.

Metagrants provide promising developers with the funding they need to bring their stunning game ideas to life and publish them in the Metacade. The community will be able to vote on their favorite games or possibly features they would like to see as development progresses. The funding is said to be done using the native MCADE crypto token as the transaction currency, giving back to the community and helping bring a jackpot of fresh new games to the Metacade.

Game developers listen to their users’ feedback, but that takes it to the next level where the community decides exactly what gets built.

Play to earn money

Metacade will also advertise heavily play to earn Aspects across the platform but with a twist – in some ways more similar to Contribution to Earn. You will essentially only be rewarded for your involvement with Metacade and the broader community that surrounds it.

This can mean, for example, rewards for achieving certain goals in games, or even getting an MCADE crypto token or two for assisting in writing a constructive review or playthrough on a certain game, giving users even more reasons to keep coming back return to Metacade.

By the community, for the community

Metacade also plans to cede full control of the project to the community once it has established itself as a true leader in Web3 gaming. Key roles are handed over to loyal community members so they can help take the budding project to where the community wants it to be.

Token holders also have a crucial chance to vote on important issues the platform faces over time. This makes Metacade a unique project that is 100% community focused in a way that most other crypto gaming projects have not been.

Web3’s GameFi Career Center

Metacade is also preparing to become a central development hub for GameFi project developers, as well as a source of key talent that can help them grow and thrive. If you’re a gamer—perhaps you’ve thought about becoming a playtester, animator, or designer—Metacade tries to help cover all your bases for you.

In the future, the platform wants to expand its reach. By integrating key setting elements of the development cycle alongside Metacade’s arcade setting, there are opportunities to potentially find employment directly related to your interests. Imagine being rewarded for testing games you’re interested in – all without leaving the space you love.

You’re early

Finally, at the time of writing, the pre-sale of Metacade’s MCADE token has just started – so there’s still a fantastic chance of getting your hands on a certified early deal.

There will be 1.4 billion tokens available across 9 stages – 70% of the total tokens. In the current beta sales phase, you can get a massive 125 MCADE for 1 USDT, but these are decreasing with each phase – resulting in 50 MCADE for 1 USDT in the final phase. So the earlier you get in, the better.

Should You Invest in Metacade?

Nobody can predict the future. That is why it is always important to use it correct risk analysis before making an investment.

But other than that, there’s really a lot to like about Metacade and its MCADE crypto token. When you consider the entire ecosystem that supports the release of an exclusive line of arcade titles within a truly democratic Web3 gaming community hub that offers networking, gaming and even professional growth, there’s a lot to get excited about for the platform.

With the presale just beginning, now would be the perfect opportunity to grab a huge bargain and save before the frenzy begins. Metacade looks like it could easily become one of the biggest and hottest crypto tokens of 2023, coining some new fortunes in the process.

You can participate in the Metacade presale here.


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