Netflix Wednesday release date, cast and more

fans of The Addams family who wonders what Wednesdays release date on Netflix, we bring you all the info. The series premiered yesterday for the enjoyment of those familiar with the original 1930’s story created by Charles Addams.

Directed by Tim Burton, this new Netflix series revolves around Morticia and Gomez’s daughter, Wednesday Addams. The story focuses on the years when Wednesday was a student. It is preceded by a TV series from the 1960s and two films from the 1990s.

Wednesday Addams Image via Netflix

Wednesday promises to be a series steeped in mystery and horror that will captivate viewers. Best of all are the facts about nature it immerses where the protagonist demonstrates her first steps in the psychic world.

Netflix release date and storyline on Wednesday

Netflix surprised fans of The Addams family with the publication of Wednesday yesterday. The series follows Wednesday Adams and her early years as a student Nevermore Academywhere she tries at all costs to master her psychic abilities.

Wednesday becomes something of a detective trying to unravel the mystery surrounding her parents and certain murders they have been implicated in over the past 25 years. The protagonist will try to stop the murder wave that is gripping the entire city and clear her parents’ name. All of this happens simultaneously as she tries to master her abilities and the relationships in Nevermore.

Wednesday Cast Netflix Series Image via Netflix

Netflix’s first season was released on Wednesday with eight episodes, four of which were directed by Tim Burton, so the gothic and dark atmosphere is there. Burton also served as executive producer, with Alfred Gough and Miles Millar among the screenwriters. The characters look elegant and have a romantic touch; Their creator tried to keep the essence of the original Addams family. Gough explains that it was important to her that “the series isn’t perceived as a remake or a reboot.”

If we remember the first story of The Addams family was filmed in black and white in 1964 with 64 episodes of 30 minutes each. The show aired from September 1964 to April 1966. Then came three films in 1991, 1993 and 1998. Another animated version of The Addams family was released in 2019, followed by a sequel in 2021. So, Netflix Wednesday has some interesting precedents.

Who’s Who on Netflix Wednesday?

Now that you know the release date, on Wednesday we’re going to share who’s who in the new Netflix series. The show features a luxurious cast that gives an interesting perspective to the series based on the Addams family.

The Addams family

The Addams family Image via Netflix

Let’s start with the main character, Wednesday Addams, who plays Jenna Ortega. Wednesday is the eldest daughter of Morticia and Gomez Addams. She is characterized by her above-average intelligence; to some she seems “a little dead inside”.

Luis Guzman plays Wednesday’s father, Gomez Addams. This slightly eccentric, multi-millionaire head of the family is madly in love with his wife, Morticia. Puerto Rican actor Luis Guzman is recognized for his performances in the film Carlito’s way and the broadcast narcotics.

Catherine Zeta-Jones plays Wednesday’s mother, Morticia Addams, in the Netflix series. Morticia is a charming and elegant woman with pale skin and long, dark black hair that contrasts with her personality. She is a very seductive and at the same time empathetic woman who has excellent dexterity.

Isaac Ordoñez is credited with playing Wednesday’s younger brother Pugsley Addams, the youngest character in the Addams family. Pugsley’s personality is quite innocent but awesome at the same time. Some see him as the black sheep of the family.

We can’t forget comedian Fred Armisen, who plays one of the most beloved members of the Addams family, Uncle Lester.

Other performers

Also joining the cast is Gwendoline Christie, who plays Nevermore Academy’s principal, Larissa Weems. The prominent actress has appeared in major franchises such as war of stars and Game of Thrones.

Riki Lindhome plays Wednesday’s therapist, Dr. Valerie Kinbott. Percy Hynes White is Xavier Thorpe, a mysterious student at Nevermore Academy who could turn into Wednesday’s love interest. Emma Myers plays Enid Sinclair, Wednesday’s roommate who will gain her trust. Oh, and she’s a werewolf too.

Netflix Wednesday, Christina Ricci Image via Netflix

One of the most anticipated characters is Marilyn Thornhill, one of the teachers at Nevermore. Christina Ricci plays this character, and if the name rings a bell, it’s because Ricci played Wednesday Addams in both the Addams Family movies of ’91 and ’93.

Recently, Jenna Ortega explained how she felt playing Wednesday before Christina Ricci, the original Wednesday. Ortega explained, “I’ve never been so awkward like I don’t know what to say to her. I think she’s a fantastic character actress. I know them as Wednesday in my head so it was intimidating. But she’s so wonderful and talented — she really made it easy.”

Wednesday can be viewed on Netflix.


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