Level Zero: release date, confirmed news, gameplay trailer and more

Cole Podany

Published: 11/21/2022 11:17 p.m

Let’s take a look at the Level Zero game, including gameplay, release date, platforms, and trailers.

Developer DogHowl Games and indie publisher tinyBuild have teamed up to announce their latest game, Level Zero. Level Zero is an asymmetric horror PvP game that will be available for both consoles and PC that will bring an intriguing and fun touch to the features that fans of asymmetric horror games love.

Let’s go through everything we currently know about Level Zero from DogHowl Games and tinyBuild, from the gameplay and basic premise to the upcoming release date and any trailers the developers have provided.

Does Level Zero have a release date?

The developers haven’t announced an exact release date for Level Zero yet. However, they have announced an approximate release date for the game. Level Zero will be released on consoles and PC sometime in 2023.

Level Zero Release
Level Zero is slated for release sometime in 2023. (Image: tinyBuild)

Level zero gameplay

Level Zero is an asymmetric horror PvP game in the same vein as the legendary 4v1 asymmetric horror game Dead by Daylight. Where Behavior Interactive’s Dead by Daylight and DogHowl Games’ Level Zero differ isn’t in their genre, but in their aesthetic, setting, and approach.

Level Zero throws six players into a futuristic sci-fi world set in the year 2058. Space exploration has begun in this reality, and companies are discovering new corners of the universe. It turns out that the unknown corners of the universe are not so friendly with the planet Turion full of hostile forces and monsters.

Four players take on the roles of scientists who must repair electrical control systems to escape Turion and collect light sources that serve as invaluable tools to ward off the monster. Two other players play as creatures and insist on preventing the scientists from succeeding through any methods at their disposal. Monsters can use their abilities to ambush, slow, and confuse survivors.

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Level Zero Platforms

Level Zero will be available on release day for PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

It is not yet known whether Level Zero will also be released on other platforms such as Nintendo Switch or Mobile in the future.

Level Zero Platforms Xbox Playstation PC
Level Zero will be available on multiple platforms on release day. (Image: tinyBuild)

Level Zero Trailer

DogHowl Games and tinyBuild have released two official trailers for Level Zero, revealing some of the game’s basic mechanics, characters and settings.

In the first official announcement trailer, we meet a character named David speaking to another character, who announces that they “found a broken generator” and have started repairing it. The concept of fixing broken generators will no doubt remind veteran asymmetric horror game fans of Dead by Daylight, suggesting that this new title isn’t afraid to pay homage to its predecessors.

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However, it’s clear that Level Zero also brings tons of new features to the table that will likely set this game apart from its predecessors in the same genre. For example, the gameplay trailer shows David being chased by a giant monster in a much faster interaction than any other asymmetric horror game we’ve seen, suggesting players may be able to make quick decisions and challenges to mimic a shooter.

The “Light” mechanic offers another intriguingly fresh concept, offering the game’s four scientists a way to defend themselves against opponents.

That’s everything you need to know about the upcoming Level Zero game, including when it will be released, all the trailers, and its basic gameplay. Stay tuned for more information as the developers tell us more about what this exciting game will look like!

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Featured image courtesy of DogHowl Games/tinyBuild.

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