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Good Tuesday morning, Evanston.

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Recognition: Evan Girard / Evanston Round Table

Some budget news on Monday as the city council focused on what it would take to close Evanston’s pension funding gap — including Consider a property tax increase, despite earlier resistance. Several Council members expressed reservations about using excess reserve funds and other sources.

Recognition: Richard Cahan

A group of about 100 people gathered on Sunday evening to discuss anti-Semitism, racism and discrimination. Rev. Michael Nabors, who organized the event, pointed out that nearly 50 anti-Semitic incidents were reported nationwide that month. “The hateful vitriol has become increasingly dangerous,” he said.

City members and supporters gathered Sunday afternoon in Chicago’s Andersonville neighborhood to brave the cold to honor the memory of Elise Malary of Evanston on a trans memorial day. The somber event was further eclipsed by the tragic news of Saturday night’s mass shooting at Club Q in Colorado Springs.

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COVID-19 in numbers: Eight new cases and no new deaths were reported on Sunday, November 20, the last day the city updated the totals. The seven-day average is 14.7 cases per day.

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Main Event: Californian Matt Brannigan, center, vs. Max the Impaler. Pro wrestling in Evanston? “Evanston is known for his rule history. ban. … It encompasses the whole gamut of things that have been excluded,” said India Mussell-McKay, an owner of the Palmhouse, site of the integrative event. “[W]We thought it would be fun to showcase something different that you don’t see everywhere.”

This is the first time both Evanston school districts have done so all week free for Thanksgiving. We know you’ve weathered the pandemic, but is it a tough juggling of work and childcare, or quality family time? Tell us: Email your family photos to [email protected] and let us know how this week is working (or not) for you. We may use your story in our story!

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Eye on Evanston: Thoughts on Design | Growing up in the 20’s. Read the conclusion of the four-part series about a proposal the city never implemented to create a Northwest Evanston Historic District. Does the area deserve inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places?

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Ukaj doesn’t come by and helps Kits to their first win of the season. Dafina Ukaj scores a career high with 23 points. “Twenty years from now … it will still make me smile because of what Dafina did tonight,” said girls’ basketball head coach Brittanny Johnson.

Recognition: ETHS

The “blackout” uniforms for select games are the smallest change for the ETHS boys’ basketball team this year. The line-up will look different too five seniors were transferred in the summer. The season opener is tonight.

Recognition: Evanston Police Department

No, the Evanston police and Sgt. Levy will not arrest you. Evanston Police are warning that if anyone pretending to be Sgt. Levy is calling for warrants on your behalf, do not dial the phone number he provides. Call the real police at 847-866-5000.

Moms Demand Action and YWCA Evanston/North Shore will host City Hall style event on the State of Gun Violence and Gun Violence Prevention from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., Tuesday, November 29 at the YWCA, 1215 Church St.

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ETHS student creates nonprofit to welcome refugees to the Evanston community. In March, senior Zoe Kaufman launched Refugees are Served Here with the goal of making her community more welcoming to refugees.

Evanston’s renewable energy powers homes in other states. Are new solutions local? Evanston uses renewable energy to offset its greenhouse gas emissions. But much of that clean energy doesn’t change the amount of fossil fuels that are burned in Illinois.

“We speak for ourselves.” Northwest scholars are helping launch a new exhibit at Chicago’s Field Museum to amplify the diverse voices of Native Americans and Native Americans.

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