Kyodo News Digest: November 22, 2022

La’eeb, the 2022 FIFA World Cup mascot, levitates in the air during the opening ceremony of the FIFA World Cup at Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor, Qatar November 20, 2022. (Kyodo) ==Kyodo

The following is the latest list of selected news summaries from Kyodo News.


The Japanese space agency gives up the landing of the lunar probe

TOKYO — Japan’s space agency said Tuesday it had abandoned landing the country’s ultra-small spacecraft on the moon after communications with the lander failed to stabilize following its launch last week.

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency said the Omotenashi lander could not receive transmissions from Earth to correct its trajectory and position because its solar panels remained facing away from the sun.


Government body backs Japan’s acquisition of Counterstrike capabilities

TOKYO — The government’s Defense Construction and Budget Financing Panel is expected to endorse a plan for Japan to acquire an enemy base attack capability, or “counterstrike capability”, even under its pacifist post-war constitution, experts on the panel said on Monday.

The panel backed the idea put forward by the ruling Liberal Democratic Party in a draft proposal at a meeting Monday, concluding nearly two months of discussion, the experts said.


M5.6 earthquake hits West Java in Indonesia, death toll rises to 62

JAKARTA — A 5.6-magnitude earthquake struck Indonesia’s Sukabumi regency on Monday, killing at least 62 people and injuring 700 others, local authorities said.

The national disaster agency said more than 1,700 homes were damaged and more than 3,800 people displaced after the 1:21 p.m. quake struck at a depth of 10 kilometers. The epicenter was about 100 km from the capital Jakarta.


The UN Security Council again fails to take unified action against North Korea

NEW YORK — The UN Security Council failed on Monday, as in previous recent efforts to take unified action on North Korea’s recent ICBM test launch, as positions of most members and those of China and Russia remained widely divided.

The Security Council called an urgent meeting last week to consider Pyongyang’s launch of an ICBM after the Group of Seven industrialized nations called on the council to take “significant action”.


China likely to ‘forcefully’ seize missile debris from the Philippine Navy.

MANILA — China’s Coast Guard “forcefully” recovered missile debris that a Philippine navy boat had towed to a nearby island, Philippine authorities said Monday at the recent encounter in the disputed South China Sea.

The Philippine Armed Forces Western Command said the incident happened Sunday morning, hours before US Vice President Kamala Harris arrived in Manila, when it received a report of a floating object resembling debris from a Long March 5B missile that China launched in late October would have.


Japan is adding 2 ships to its fleet of Aegis-equipped destroyers

TOKYO — Japan increased the number of Aegis-equipped destroyers in its fleet to eight from the current six on Monday after the Maritime Self-Defense Force said two new ships had successfully intercepted ballistic missiles in drills.

The tests came as North Korea was testing ballistic missiles at an unprecedented pace and China was ramping up its missile capabilities.


FOCUS: A series of ministerial changes could prompt Kishida to reshuffle his cabinet

TOKYO — A close aide to Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida was sacked as a minister amid a political funds scandal, becoming the third member to leave his cabinet in less than a month, dealing a major blow to his already fragile government.

As his power base weakens, speculation is mounting that Kishida, whose approval ratings have struggled since taking office in October 2021, could conduct a second cabinet reshuffle by the end of this year in hopes of bolstering public support.


Soccer: Tomiyasu says Japan has everything it takes to beat Germany

DOHA – Arsenal defender Takehiro Tomiyasu said on Monday that Japan had all the ingredients it needed to beat Germany in the teams’ upcoming World Cup opener.

“We have enough quality to beat them, of course we have to be confident, but we have to find the balance,” said the 24-year-old at the Japanese training base in Qatar.


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