‘Joyland’ dealers see no point in hoping for a Punjab release


Provincial Sports and Culture Minister Malik Taimoor Masood turned down a request from the producers joy land On Monday, the controversial film is banned from being released in Punjab.

According to sources, a written application was submitted to the minister informing the creators that the film had received a green signal from the CBFC for nationwide release and was screened in Sindh and Islamabad on the original release date. However, it was banned in Punjab after the provincial censorship board stopped the screening on Friday.

The Punjab Sports and Culture Minister rejected the request but said the subject and subject matter of the film was controversial and such a subject matter was not acceptable in our society. The minister also said that the release of this film could cause unrest in society, so he would not allow the screening.

Alongside the minister, the chairman of the local film and censorship committee, Chaudhry Gul Zaman, opposed the release of joy land and added that this film will not receive a NOC for release in Punjab until his presidency, a source in the Ministry of Information and Culture confirmed The Express Grandstand.

An official at the distribution club told the publication: “We are disappointed following the rejection by the Minister for Sport and Culture. We have now halted efforts to release Joyland in Punjab. We have received opposition from various factions of society, including religious groups. we will not continue to move Joylands provincial screening. We cannot afford such resistance. We are grateful that the film has been released in at least Sindh and the capital.”

It is important to mention that a full board meeting was held in Lahore to reconsider the film and after viewing the film Punjab Film and Censor Board did not announce any decision on the future of the film in Punjab cinemas.

During a call with the publication, a representative from the Sindh Censor Board said the film will be released in the province with the cuts previously decided. The source added that while the censorship certificate previously issued is valid on its own, the board will soon issue a final certificate for the film’s release. Karachi Nueplex cinemas website is also currently showing Joylands Release date poster.

However, Salman Sufi, head of the Prime Minister’s Strategic Reforms Department, confirmed Wednesday night that Saim Sadiq’s directorial work Joyland has been cleared for release in Pakistan after a committee deemed it appropriate.

“The film joy land was cleared for release by the Censor Board Review Committee formed under the direction of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif,” he tweeted. “Freedom of expression is a fundamental right and should be nurtured within the law.”


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