Is Jon Snow coming to Chennai? That’s why #Chennaisnow was trending on Twitter

When the temperature in Chennai dropped to 22°C on November 21, Twitter users began sharing memes and stock images of snowfall, hilariously exaggerating how cold the city was.

Has winter finally arrived in Chennai? Is the city covered with a white blanket of snow? Do people really skate on the Adyar River? These are some of the questions almost every non-Chennai resident asked themselves after #Chennaisnow was trending on Twitter on Monday, November 21st. So why did Chennai residents begin to associate snow with a city otherwise known for its sweltering heat?

It all started when the temperature in Chennai dropped to 22C on Monday. While this can be considered a relatively normal temperature in most parts of the country, some Chennai residents took to the internet to express their surprise (mostly pleasantly) at how cold it was. On social media, Chennai is usually criticized for its extreme weather – heat waves that require 24-hour air conditioning or incessant rains that cause flooding. After last month’s rains caused waterlogging in parts of the city, a day of pleasant weather seemed like a victory for Chennai residents. And the denizens of the internet (and Chennai) celebrated that victory by doing what they do best – sharing memes.

On Twitter, a few people took a look at Bengaluru, which is known for its “amazing” weather, and proclaimed that Chennai now has both wonderful weather and beaches! Others said it was officially snowing in Chennai because they spotted someone wearing a scarf, sweater and earmuffs. It was only a matter of time before Twitter users shared pictures of snowfall, frozen lakes and even pictures of themselves against snowy backgrounds with #Chennaisnow, hilariously exaggerating how cold the city was.

However, not all of Twitter was impressed by the hashtag. People, particularly from northern India where temperatures drop to as low as 2C, couldn’t believe Chennai residents put on warm clothes because it was ‘a bit’ cold. One person even tweeted that they wore shorts in Delhi when the weather was colder than Chennai. But that didn’t stop Twitter users from sharing memes and “chilling” in Chennai’s “cold” weather.


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