House of CBD trending in Bulawayo

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Millicent Dube, showbiz reporter

The music industry in Bulawayo is on the verge of a revival as a city jockey, DJ Feel G has created a movement that seeks to support and promote local artists and house music as a genre. The initiative is called House of CBD.

As part of the initiative, house music lovers are treated to huge meeting places every two weeks at the newly revamped Stop Over Club. Even one-off events at different locations should ensure a varied atmosphere.

DJ Crazy Dee at the House of CBD

This Sunday, the House of CBD will host the tribal house music trio of Djembe Monks. They are joined by the movement’s permanent DJs, Deeper MrStripes, DJ AshT, Kotwane Hikwa and curator DJ Feel G.

Bulawayo has long been the epicenter of house music, which blends well with kwaito music, and the House of CBD brand was initiated to support local artists and promote the house genre.

Loyal househeads have been starved of the genre in most places around town, so this is an opportunity to connect artists and DJs with their followers under one roof for networking in Bulawayo’s CBD.

In an interview, DJ Feel G gave more insight into the movement.

“Looking at people like DJ Nitefreak, a local doing well in the international house market, I was motivated to create a space where house music as a genre gets enough local recognition and respect.

“House of CBD was therefore founded so that artists and DJs could network with future promoters or promoters to broaden their horizons,” said DJ Feel G.

“The House of CBD movement is about bridging the gap between local artists and DJs and their audiences so they are in a space with a common denominator, which is house music.”

He said the movement is for all house heads who respect the art of house and house music lovers.

“If you fall under the categories mentioned, this is the type of event you should attend as it is a 100 percent house music event that spans most of its sub-genres. It’s also trying to keep the culture of DJing alive,” said DJ Feel G.

The DJ said the initiative, which launched this year, started out small but has since grown and garnered a huge following on Twitter and Instagram.

So far, the likes of DJ Crazy Dee, Stockswit, Just Dre, Kapitol C and DJ Nitefreak have graced the event.

DJ Nitefreak at the House of CBD

“The House of CBD has received so much support from the people of Bulawayo, so the team behind the project strives to work hard to keep the agenda alive. The environment is conducive to networking purposes, an essential part of creating brand names for our city,” said DJ Feel G.


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