Hive Social is becoming a popular Twitter alternative, but what is it?

While Twitter users have witnessed the spectacle of Elon Musk’s handling of Twitter – which has included launching a costly new method of verification on the platform, firing a number of employees, reinstating Donald Trump’s account and reposting memes people searched for alternatives to their favorite social media platforms. There were a number of sites that users reportedly flocked to, including Instagram and the somewhat dense Mastodon. One of these platforms seemingly appeared out of nowhere and lately has seen a surge in user numbers. The social media platform is called up Hive Socialso let’s take a look at this new alternative to Twitter and tell you all about it.

What is Hive Social, the alternative to Twitter?

There’s a reason Hive Social is flocking to Twitter users – Hive and Twitter are very similar. Both platforms allow their users to post text, images, gifs, and polls. Unlike the birds of Twitter, Hive Social has a hive theme where every user is part of the hive. According to their website’s about page, which you can see here, the platform was started by two college students back in 2019. Since Twitter users signed up to the platform, they have reached one million users as you can see from their tweet above.

At first glance, it appears to have features that could be both an improvement and a downgrade from Twitter, and it may be up to the individual user to think about what benefits each app offers them. For example, Hive already lets you edit your posts, which Twitter has lacked for far too long, and there’s no character limit. There’s also no advertising, although you probably can’t rule out the possibility of advertising not coming to the platform as it continues to grow. The personal functionality works a little differently than Twitter, with their discovery page almost like Tumblr or Instagram, with a series of images sorted by trending, what’s for you and what’s in your favorite categories that you have to select once you log up. The signup process is easy too, just use your email address or phone number, create a password and sign up.

It’s not known if people will completely leave Twitter and switch to Hive Social, but it seems to be the most similar app, especially the others. All in all, social media should be fun, so keep that in mind no matter what app or platform you continue with, be it Twitter, Hive Social, or something else.


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