History of FIFA World Cup Matches between USMNT and England – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

The USA and England have a long history behind them – and I don’t just mean football.

But when we talk about football, this Friday will be a game for the ages. The USMNT meets England at the 2022 FIFA World Cup for the 12th time in history.

England go into the historic showdown with a 6-2 win over Iran, while the USA ended in a 1-1 draw with Wales after conceding a late penalty on Monday.

The tie leaves the USMNT in a more difficult position with a zero goal difference over England’s four, giving the Three Lions a head start in Group B.

But before we see how the two teams will face off in their third World Cup game, let’s take a look at the history between the two teams:

How many World Cup appearances did Team USA have?

Team USA has participated in 10 FIFA World Cups, the first in 1930. Here they reached the semi-finals but lost 6-1 to Argentina.

Then the USA participated in the 1934 World Cup and lost 7-1 to Italy in the round of 16. At the 1950 World Cup, the Americans defeated England 1–0 in a group match.

It wasn’t until 1990, four decades later, that Team USA qualified for the next World Cup. It competed in every competition from 1990 to 2014.

However, the USMNT did not qualify in 2018, but we see Team USA this year at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar for their 11th appearance.

How many World Cup appearances did England have?

England only entered the competitive stratosphere of the World Cup in 1950. Since then, however, the Red and Whites have participated in all subsequent competitions, a total of 15 times.

Of his 15 appearances, England lost three times in the group stage (1950, 1958, 2014) and finished fourth twice, including at the 1990 World Cup in Italy and the 2018 World Cup in Russia. The nation has reached the quarterfinals nine times, including the 2006 World Cup in Germany.

England have a World Cup title and it was won on home soil in 1966.

How many times has Team USA played England at the World Cup?

The two clubs have leveled 11 times in total. Nine of those games were friendlies and two were World Cup games.

Team USA and England faced each other at the 1950 and 2010 FIFA World Cups.

Who is better: Team USA or England?

Based on numbers, the answer is simple: England. Of the 11 games, England recorded eight wins (all in international friendlies), while Team USA only managed two. There was a tie.

Here’s the full record of the two teams’ games together:

1. 29 June 1950 (1950 FIFA World Cup): Team USA won 1-0

2. 8 June 1953: England win 6-3

3. May 28, 1959: England win 8-1

4. 27 May 1964: England win 10-0

5. 16 June 1985: England win 5-0

6. 9 June 1993 (US Cup): Team USA won 2-0

7. 7 Sept 1994: England win 2-0

8. May 28, 2005: England win 2-1

9. 28 May 2008: England win 2-0

10. 12 June 2010 (FIFA World Cup 2010): Draw 1-1

11. 15/11/2018: England win 3-0

What can we expect for the 2022 FIFA World Cup?

Team USA was drawn into Group B along with England, Iran and Wales.

The USA will face England on November 25th at 14:00 ET in the group stage at the 2022 World Cup and for the 12th time overall.


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