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If you scroll through the Twitter name of RPG group chairman Harsh Goenka, you’ll come across several motivational and inspirational words and million dollar pieces of advice, along with other posts to make you laugh and leave you with positivity will fulfill. And his recent post on the microblogging platform is no different. The industrialist has life-changing advice for those struggling to fit into society and why it’s okay to be different.

“Society won’t change for you, but don’t worry you don’t belong. The things that make people think you’re different are what make you who you are, and therefore your greatest strength,” the caption reads. The photo shared by Harsh Goenka shows a large crowd gathered in one place as one person stands in front of them and says, “You should all change your core values ​​and beliefs, so I fit in.”

Take a look at Harsh Goenka’s Twitter post below:

The post was shared a few hours ago and has since garnered more than 600 likes and almost a hundred retweets. It has also received numerous comments.

“You can only change yourself and influence others. Rest is for society to think about how to move forward. Sridharan Saheb thought of nothing but the Delhi Metro. He brought about a change that will be remembered for centuries to come. He was criticized a lot but never backed down,” one person wrote. “Better to be an outsider than a faceless man in a crowd,” shared another. “Find your own unique selling proposition and execute on it,” wrote a third. “Couldn’t get better news than this. Being different is rare and being the same is common isn’t it…” said a fourth. Many also shared that they agreed with Harsh Goenka’s tweet.


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