For the first time, FIFA Digital captures content through phones

For the first time ever at a FIFA World Cup, the FIFA digital services team is offering rightsholders content recorded on mobile phones for distribution. All of this is part of an enhanced strategy for digital production and services built on three technological pillars: the Application Programming Interface (API); the Software Development Kit (SDK) or white label service, all available for web and app based content delivery.

An augmented reality experience offers fans a new way to interact with stats and more.

The mobile-first content, which includes key moments filmed as near-live clips for immediate distribution, aims to provide fans with a more intimate and authentic content experience. It is complemented by selected live content (such as open training courses and press conferences), which is also made available for distribution on social media.

This content will be available alongside VOD clips, near-live multi-angle clips and near-live stats, as well as the cornerstone of FIFA’s digital services, Matchcast. Matchcast provides access to multiple live feeds in an OTT format, allowing rights holders to easily present multi-feed streaming experiences to fans 24/7.

Augmented reality augmented reporting has also been developed, providing end users with AR content through their smartphones. The goal is for smartphones to turn living rooms and other spaces into 3D data centers using tracking data so fans can target a specific player or team.

Also new are fan engagement modules, which include everything from polls to announcements, fun facts, polls, quizzes and ratings. These modules can be integrated into the rights holder’s digital services and help increase interest and conversation around the World Cup.

After all, the world of social media has come a long way since the 2010 World Cup, when players were banned from tweeting from inside the stadium. A dedicated digital team creates content on and off the field, and content is designed to be evergreen and format-optimized to stand out in busy news feeds. Rights holders can access it through a bespoke web-based social media interface that makes it easy for users to download all the features to use in their online campaigns. This content includes short-form videos with simple, enlarged text and thumbnails; a large amount of infographics with game statistics; and 1:1 aspect ratio still images with metadata to best serve mobile-first fans.


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