FIFA 23 Road to the FIFA World Cup Promo

EA Sports has confirmed that Road to the FIFA World Cup will be FIFA 23’s next promo and fans are excited.

With the FIFA World Cup now in full swing, a lot of specialized content has been added to the game. EA Sports previously said it would take an integrated approach, where players can enjoy all of the content without deviating from their main squads. The Path to Glory is the first promo of its kind, but it’s coming to an end soon.

As of this writing, little is known about the road to the FIFA World Cup. Aside from the release date and map design, little is known about how the promo will work.

Confirmed information won’t be available until Friday, but some guesses can be made based on past events.

The Road to the FIFA World Cup in FIFA 23 could work the same as Road to the Knockouts

The Path to Glory promo features several dynamic cards that can receive upgrades based on their real-life performances. All games focus on the FIFA World Cup due to the nature of the content.

The Road to the FIFA World Cup may have similar terms and may be based on a previous promotion of a similar nature.

The Road to the FIFA World Cup will be released on November 25, 2022 once Path to Glory ends. The start time is the same as every other action launched in FIFA 23, which is 6pm UK Time / 10am PT / 1pm ET / 11:30pm IST.

There is a high probability that the new promo will work similarly to Road to the Knockouts maps. The RTTK cards were the second set of unique cards introduced in FIFA 23, and each of them contained two conditions for upgrades. To get both, the respective cards had to win a certain number of games in European competitions to qualify for the knockout stages.

If the Road to the FIFA World Cup promo turns out to be the same, the terms could be similar. However, the FIFA World Cup is likely to replace European club competitions.

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In addition, there could be a higher chance of upgrade potential. While the Ones to Watch promo features cards that grow overall, Path to Glory produces more instances of the phenomenon. EA Sports could be doing something similar with the new deck, which is due to arrive on Friday.

The new promo will also likely kick off with the in-game Black Friday celebrations. The festive period traditionally starts on the last Friday in November and brings lots of additional content for players. With all the FUT World Cup content, players could be very busy over the next few weeks.

It remains to be seen which unique cards will become part of the Road to the FIFA World Cup promo. There is a chance for FUT World Cup icons to appear in FIFA 23 packs, so it could be an excellent opportunity for players to boost their squads.

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