Explanation of the offside rule for the 2022 FIFA World Cup – NBC 6 South Florida

World Cup football is back, which means one of the most controversial calls in sport has also returned.

The offside rule has caused some of the most frustrating moments in football and is the bane of some football fans existence. Offside is often called at the most inopportune times of the game, and almost every team in the history of football has ended up being egregiously offside.

Offside whistles often end in arguments because referees are human, which means there is always room for human error. After games that end in offside controversies, referees are sometimes even attacked.

Over the years, the offside rule has evolved, but it can still be a challenge for casual fans to fully understand it. So here is everything you need to know about the detailed football offside rules for the 2022 FIFA World Cup:

What is offside in football?

Offside in football is a rule that discourages players from being near an opponent’s goal. A player is offside when he is on the opponent’s side of the field and the player is either not in possession of the ball or there are two players from the other team between him and the goal.

However, it is not offside if a player receives the ball directly from:

• a goal kick

• Throw in

• a corner kick

What happens if a player is flagged for offside?

According to FIFA rules, a player is penalized for offside “when the ball is touched or played by one of his team-mates”.

This means that every inch of a player’s head, body or feet must be in front of the last defender when the ball suits him.

If the referee determines that a player is offside, the referee will award an indirect free kick where the offense was committed, even if it is in the player’s own half of the field. But the ball must be passed to another player before a goal can be scored.

Is technology used to detect offside offences?

Occasionally the referees miss a goal scorer from an offside position or reject a really deserved goal, which is usually followed by a group of tearful football fans in the stands.

For this year’s World Cup in Qatar, FIFA has announced that semi-automated offside technology will be used to assist video match officials and on-field officials on demand to help them make faster and more accurate offside decisions.

How can a player avoid being offside?

Players can avoid an offside by checking to see if a defender is higher up the field at all times. The player must be careful not to let the defender slide behind him, which would result in an offside position.

Why is the offside rule important?

The offside rule prevents offensive players from being close to the opponent’s goal, which would allow the offensive player to score easily. This rule is similar to “cherry picking” in basketball, where a defensive player runs back to play offense before defensive possession is over.


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