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There is no arguing about the value of family. The relationships between parents, children, and siblings, or the lack of such interactions, can have a significant impact on our lives, whether loving or difficult. For centuries, the concept of the family and its dynamics have been at the core of many great works of art. Despite the authors’ efforts to use various high-profile ideas, the world’s greatest storytellers understand that there is nothing stronger than the relationships between children and their parents, which even surpasses romantic love when pitted against it. The journey characters take through the narrative may challenge, change, or reinforce their views about one another, having a greater impact on the story’s overall plot.


A name that understands the intricacies of the delicate relationship between a child and their parents is phenomenal Florian Zeller, a talented playwright, novelist, screenwriter, theater and film director. Zeller has an impressive portfolio of novels, plays and films, but made his screen debut in 2020 with one of his best-known plays – The father; adapted for the screen by Zeller himself and Christopher Hampton. The father is part of a trilogy about how mental illness ravages well-functioning middle-class families. Along with The father and The motheranother drama by Zeller, The son forms a trio and is the latest Zeller adaptation to hit the big screen. While The father was at its peak and garnering worldwide praise, Zeller had already begun work on the screenplay of The son. Furthermore, Zeller mentioned that The son has a special place in his heart because since then he has not wanted to write anything new because he loves it so much The fatherit was a story that he wanted to bring out into the world in the form of a film.

The sonmuch like its predecessor, is honest, universal and heartbreaking in its portrayal of human emotions and due to its resemblance to real-life situations is a hauntingly painful drama that builds gradually without analgesics.

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What is The Son’s Plot about?

The son is the story of a family trying to get on with their lives after the split between Peter (Hugh Jackman) and Kate (Laura Dern) and her troubled teenage son Nicholas (Zen McGrath). Peter, a successful New York attorney, has remarried with a newborn son and is on the verge of starting a political consulting firm that could land him a prestigious White House position. However, his ex-wife contacts him to explain that their 17-year-old child is severely depressed, skips classes and begs him to let him live with her for a short time. As a father, Peter comes to the conclusion that he cannot honorably reject him; and his new wife – Beth (Vanessa Kirby), decides that she cannot deny her husband. Peter juggles work and his and Beth’s schedules while trying to take care of Nicholas the way he would have loved his father (Anthony Hopkins) for taking care of him, and in his attempt loses focus on how to keep Nicholas in the present by looking to the past to make up for his mistakes. Hugh Jackman brilliantly takes on the role of Peter, a man consumed by his acting style. The workaholic pro, who rarely gets home bad, wants to be seen as the perfect dad, but seems to know, or thinks in his heart, that he’s failing just like his dad.

The son is a movie where everyone is doing their best to do the right thing, it’s a cry for help because nobody seems to know what Nicholas wants or can do. Pure tension The son stems from that ambiguity: a sense of deep, nagging dread that something terrible is about to happen, as if catastrophe were inevitable but one doesn’t know exactly what it would look like. The overarching antagonist in The son is life itself and its relentless assaults, trying and failing to understand your children, their feelings and thought processes, and what you as a parent should be thinking or feeling while the fear of failure constantly looms over your heads.

Is there a trailer for the son?

Yes, the movie trailer was first released by the star herself on his Twitter before being officially unveiled on The Sony Picture Classics YouTube on August 30, successfully fueling anticipation of the film’s release.

Hugh Jackman’s brilliant acting skills are evident from the very first delivery of dialogue as he questions his ex-wife Kate for showing up unannounced on his doorstep, but doesn’t miss the worried look on her face when he questions about any issues or concerns puts. We are also introduced to Oscar-winning actor Anthony Hopkins in the role of Peter’s father, who is at odds with Peter for an unspecified reason. Though there’s a minor confrontation between the Maestros in the trailer, judging by Hopkins’ nonchalant tone of voice and Jackman’s annoyed expressions, it’s enough to tease the friction between the duo. Nicholas’ presence in the lives of Peter and Beth, his current partner, is bound to have consequences, and that soon plays out in the trailer as audiences see the growing tension between the two, which invariably affects every single character involved.

The glimpses of the past are presented in a positive light, full of laughter and happy moments; serves as a striking contrast to the current scenario the characters are suffering from. Dern’s acting skills also come into their own as she effectively conveys the regret her character experiences on stage. The trailer ends with Peter claiming that everything is fine at home while at the same time screaming in frustration at being blamed for the suffering Nicholas is going through, begging the oft-heard question: “Haven’t I always done everything for you!” by his parents, unable to face their shortcomings, in a rush to reinvent their lives, regardless of the consequences it may have on the children.

A second and longer trailer was released on October 25, 2022.

Who is in the cast of The Son?

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The movie similar The father has an excellent cast. Popular actor Hugh Jackman will play the role of Peter as part of the main cast. His female leads are joined by Laura Dern as his ex-wife Kate and Vanessa Kirby as Peter’s current partner Beth. Nicholas is played by Zen McGrath, a relative newcomer who stars in the film alongside the title character. Anthony Hopkins, who reunites with Zeller for her latest film after winning the 2020 Oscars for Best Actor, The fathercompletes the main cast of The sonplays Peter’s father.

When is the son’s release date?

After premiering at the Venice Film Festival and Toronto Film Festival on September 7 and 13 respectively The son was originally slated for a limited theatrical release on November 11, 2022, before being widely released in the weeks that followed. The film’s limited release was eventually pushed back to November 25, 2022, where it will be screened in Los Angeles in New York for a week. The film will not be officially released until January 20, 2023.

Where can you see the son?

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The son will have its limited theatrical release on November 25th and its wide theatrical release two months later on January 20th, not much has been announced beyond that, The son may be available to audiences on various streaming services. This will likely be confirmed once the film finishes in theaters.

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Florian Zeller’s early work: The Father

Anthony Hopkins, The Father, Elevator, Olivia Coleman, Oldest Oscar Winning Performances

The deepest fear associated with aging is the fear of failing our spiritual senses. The father, Florian Zeller’s compelling debut film, based on his own 2012 play, deals with the fear of forgetting not only who you are but also your loved ones; Fusing incisive domestic narrative with muted psychological anguish, the film vividly depicts a cherished patriarch’s descent into dementia, told from the first-person perspective.

Anthony Hopkins portrays Anthony, a wealthy Londoner who is married to his daughter Anne (Olivia Colman) that he can no longer take care of himself. He begins to question his loved ones, himself, and the basis of reality as he tries to make sense of the changing circumstances. in the The father, Zeller transports the audience into the sick mind of Anthony, played perfectly by Hopkins; lets us feel his agony as if it were our own. However, he also provides the viewpoint of family members and caregivers who work to control his explosive temper and organize his disorganized memories. Characters appear and disappear while their names and identities are changed based on Anthony’s understanding of them, and what is true or false, or who is real or a pipe dream, can never be guessed at.

The father is a deeply moving, compelling portrayal of a mental health emergency that is both mysterious and all too plausible. The film explores grief and what it means to miss a loved one while still alive, and both Hopkins and Colman deliver outstanding, memorable performances.


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