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There’s a good reason why NFL quarterbacks Tom Brady is considered the “greatest of all time”. Brady, the current star player for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and former face of the New England Patriots, has won a total of seven Super Bowl championships over his two-decade football career, in addition to an ever-growing list of other honors. That stellar record doesn’t make it surprising why so many football fans adore and respect the multiple Most Valuable Player winner, but most probably wouldn’t expect him to be so attractive to women old enough to be grandmothers.

But that didn’t stop four women in their 80s and Tom Brady’s arguably biggest fans from making a plan to see him at Super Bowl LI. Now Paramount is making this story into a comedic feature film called ” 80 for Brady, with each of the four women’s roles played by four award-winning actresses. As if this sheer star power wasn’t enough, there’s also a plethora of star cameos for audiences to expect to see in the new film. For those interested in seeing this football-loving quartet as they hunt for Super Bowl tickets, read below for everything we know about the comedy so far.

Tom Brady on the set of the new comedy 80 for Brady
Image via Paramount

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Watch the trailer for 80 for Brady

The debut trailer for 80 for Brady takes us back to 2017 and introduces the four main protagonists each played by Jane Fonda (clod), Lili Tomlin (Nashville), Rita Moreno (Westside Story), and Sally Field (Norma Rae). The quartet of friends have fun watching the latest Patriots game at home, but Tomlin’s character suggests they do something fun and spontaneous, eventually recommending they go to the Super Bowl. The only problem is that they don’t have tickets, and it’s the most famous and coveted sporting event in the United States, so getting in will be more than a challenge. Thus begins their quest for entry into Super Bowl LI, legitimate or not. Joining them on this noble quest are a number of key cameo appearances featured in the trailer, including the celebrity chef Guy Fieriformer New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowskiand of course the one and only Tom Brady.

Will 80 for Brady be released online or in theaters?

Just like the four main stars of 80 for Brady For those who have decided to get off the couch and see the biggest event of their lives in person, you will also need to leave the confines of your own home and head to the cinema to see the new film when it premieres early next year. No details have been confirmed for a streaming release yet, but in light of that 80 for Brady is a Paramount production, it only makes sense that the film would be streamed home on Paramount+ at a later date.

What is the release date for 80 for Brady?

80 for Brady Sally Field
Image via Paramount Pictures

You can secure your tickets for 80 for Brady as early as Friday 3rd February 2023 to see what is probably the biggest sporting cinematic event of the year when it premieres in cinemas.

What’s the storyline for 80 for Brady?

The official synopsis of the star-studded sports film is as follows:

80 FOR BRADY is inspired by the true story of four best friends living life to the fullest as they take a wild trip to Super Bowl LI 2017 to see their hero Tom Brady play. Starring Oscar® nominee Lily Tomlin, Oscar® winner Jane Fonda, Oscar® winner Rita Moreno and Oscar® winner Sally Field, plus seven-time Super Bowl champion and producer Tom Brady comes 80 FOR BRADY. in theaters on February 3, 2023.

Is Brady’s 80 really based on a true story?

Rita Moreno Jane Fonda Lily Tomlin and Sally Field in80 for Brady
Image via Paramount

According to Paramount 80 for Brady It’s actually based on a true story, but like many comedic adaptations that make that claim, it’s likely to be heavily romanticized in favor of better comedic moments and more plot development. A good example of this is Sign (2018) where the similarities between the film and the true story on which it is based are little to non-existent aside from the general premise. Although who knows? Maybe the four subjects really snuck into the Super Bowl, met Guy Fieri, and had a romantic evening with Gronk.

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Who makes 80 for Brady?

Tom Brady is more than just the film’s namesake. In addition to starring in the film, Brady will also produce. In the directing and executive producing role is Kyle Marvinwho made his directorial debut after producing for projects like The Rise (2019) and We crashed (2022). Marvin also has credit for writing the screenplay for the rewrite, which he performed with Marvin’s co-writer and co-producer The Rise, Michael Angelo Covinobased on the original screenplay written by book smart (2019) Scribes Emily Halpern and Sarah Haskin.

The rest of the crew, or the team so to speak, is filled out by composers John Debney (The greatest showman), Camera operator John Great (brave heart), Editors Colin Patton (pitch perfect 3), production designer Wyn Thomas (King Richard) and costume designer Allyson B Fanger (fantasy island).

Who will play for Brady in 80?

Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Rita Moreno and Billy Porter in the new comedy 80 for Brady
Image via Paramount

Leading the cast are some of the most famous and respected actresses in all of film history. Between Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Rita Moreno and Sally Field, they have twelve Oscar nominations combined, and it’s always delightful to see masters of their craft perform in something more light-hearted and fun. Especially Fonda and Tomlin, who have worked together on numerous occasions since then 9 to 5 (1980), have quite a bit of experience in the comedic world, having co-starred in the Emmy-nominated hit, Grace and Frankie (2015-2022).

The four iconic characters aren’t the only world-renowned celebrities to appear in the film. Alongside Guy Fieri, Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady, the rest of the impressive supporting cast is made up Billy Porter (pose), GlynTurman (Ma Rainey’s black butt), Harry Hamelin (battle of the titans), Sarah Gilbert (The Conners), Jimmy O Yang (Crazy rich Asians), Sally Kirkland (ann), Bob Balaban (A mighty wind), Ron Funchen (Harley Quinn) and more cameo appearances from NFL superstars.


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