Disney Pixar’s Elemental release date and trailer are here

Disney Pixar is one of the most popular animation studios in the world, and with good reason. Filled with cute, clever characters and relatable themes, the company’s films are always packed with action and adventure.

Whether we’re talking about a child who enjoys playing with toys or an adult who has a job that doesn’t leave enough time for hobbies, Disney movies have one thing in common: they make us feel good.

Disney films are known for their high-quality animation, which sets them apart from other films such as Disney’s Frozen or DreamWorks’ Shrek franchise.

To keep this torch of excellence burning, the massive network is preparing to release another masterpiece called Elemental. The film was heavily inspired by the 5 important elements that hold our universe together.

With this upcoming feature, Disney is set to break some records as it will be a theatrical experience. Read this article to learn when it’s releasing and what Elemental is bringing to the table.

When is Elemental release?

Disney Pixar’s upcoming film Elemental is doing well and will be a big hit next year. The film is aiming for a theatrical release June 16, 2023.

As the film is getting a theatrical release, there is no confirmation of its availability on the streaming platform. However, there is speculation that Elemental will hit streaming platforms in mid-September.

Trailer with four elements in a full circle

Pixar Animation Studio’s latest animated film, Elemental, showcases the four elements to their full capacity as it captivates audiences from the moment it is seen.

TThe trailer introduces us to this odd-looking couple with an odd but enticing dynamic. The one, Ember, who is fiery and quick to anger, and Wade, who is more relaxed and goes with the flow, can lead to some pretty interesting moments.

Although they both seem very different, Ember slowly realizes that they have a lot in common and a new chapter in their friendship begins. That will change your worldview.

The short teaser is beautifully filmed and the dialogue-free introduction leaves room for music and world building. It begins with a glimpse of the protagonist Ember approaching a train that can travel on water.

The doors slide open and the whole train is full of people. There are families made of water, trees that are business people sitting down for a meeting, and even clouds hovering around the cars.

The animation cleverly uses limited resources and shows how it could look like. She grabs her headphones for the last few seconds, but then Ember’s headphones are knocked off and another hand grabs them.

Who is in the cast?

While there isn’t much out there about the film’s voice acting, we do have our leads including Leah Lewis who plays Ember Lumen with Mamoudou Athie as Wade Ripple. No other characters and voices have been revealed yet.


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