Deadpool 3 release date, cast, trailer and everything we know

When Disney announced the massive purchase of Fox, MCU fans realized that all of the Marvel properties Fox owned would be returning home. The X-Men, Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) and Fantastic Four would finally be available to fight with and alongside the Avengers in the MCU. At the time, Disney confirmed that Deadpool would remain unchanged, implying that a dead pool 3 Film was already in the works.

But it took Marvel three years to confirm that dead pool 3 release date. Well, it was Ryan Reynolds who dropped the giant bombshell in a way only beloved did Dead Pool Actor could withdraw.

We’ll cover all available information about the film below, including its theatrical release date, Disney Plus release date, trailers and cast details. You will also find an extensive collection of dead pool 3 Rumors at the end of this post.

You should avoid our Leaks and Rumors section below if you hate spoilers. Another warning follows before the spoiler section.

dead pool 3 release date

Ryan Reynolds took to social media in late September 2022 to reveal this dead pool 3 release date. The actor dropped an even bigger reveal during the clip, telling fans that Hugh Jackman will be returning for the Wolverine role Dead Pool Consequence.

Since then, Disney has delayed that somewhat dead pool 3 Publication. dead pool 3 will be released on November 8, 2024. That makes it an MCU phase 6 project.

dead pool 3 Disney Plus release date

dead pool 3 will of course not be available on Disney Plus on the same day as the theatrical release. Disney has a strict policy for MCU films. They get an exclusive theatrical release date of at least 45 days before they’re available to stream.

therefore, the dead pool 3 Disney Plus premieres on or after December 23, 2024.

dead pool 3
Deadpool 3 Part Hugh Update: Video by Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman. Image source: YouTube

dead pool 3 to water

Marvel hasn’t announced everything yet dead pool 3 cast, so we only know a few names that Reynolds has confirmed. We expect many surprises from this film, which was meant to be a multiverse story. This is the only way Marvel can bring Fox’ Deadpool into the MCU.

Here are the characters we know we’ll be getting in dead pool 3:

  • Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds)
  • Wolverine (Hugh Jackman)
  • Blind Al (Leslie Uggams)

dead pool 3 follower

The first dead pool 3 The teaser trailer should hit the web sometime in the first half of 2024, assuming the theatrical release isn’t delayed again. We have to get closer to the premiere of the film to see it. Until then, you can watch Reynolds’ brilliant again dead pool 3 reveal below:

🚨 WARNING: We’ll be covering leaks and rumors next, so spoilers may follow below.

dead pool 3 leaks and rumours

Deadpool 3 logo.
Deadpool 3 will be Deadpool’s first film in the MCU. Image Credit: Marvel Studios

Fans of spoilers should have a blast going through all the exciting stuff dead pool 3 Leaks, rumors and plot details that will inevitably leak ahead of the film’s release.

We’ll be updating this guide regularly with new developments, so make sure to bookmark it and check back often.

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