Dansby wins our MVP, Michael Brantley to Atlanta?, more

We’ve been keeping an eye on the Atlanta Braves breaking news for a few days as all the BBWAA awards have been given. While most of the big questions have yet to be answered, a lot has happened this offseason. So if you need to catch up on the Braves’ offseason so far, here’s our offseason tracker with all your transactional/payroll/rumours needs covered.

This week we started rolling out our Tomahawk Take premiums. This was a fun project started by Trent just to get us all involved and working together and I’m thrilled with the result. On Tuesday we started with our Braves MVP award, which Dansby Swanson narrowly won against Michael Harris. We’ve covered most possible angles as to why the Braves should or shouldn’t bring Dansby back, but MLB.com has come up with a nice list of teams that could bid for Dansby’s services this offseason (hint: there are many).

More Braves news

Elsewhere on the site, we looked at another free-agent target the Braves could/should see in Michael Brantley. Brantley was a popular name among Braves fans before joining the Astros and while he’s losing some of his shine now that he’s recovering from injury, in theory he should still be a really good hitter and could be relatively inexpensive, to help the Braves in left field and/or DH.

Finally, our series of season recaps continued with Spencer Strider’s amazing 2022 rookie season. It’s no exaggeration to say that Strider’s entry into the rotation and the resulting awesomeness is a key reason the Braves were able to become National League East champions again last season.

MLB News

Aaron Judge is one of the big free agents in this free agent class that fans really want to know where he’ll end up. A return to the Yankees may certainly be the betting favorite in terms of results, but Judge is reportedly meeting with the Giants, who all appear motivated to compete in the National League West.

MLB has also announced its comeback player of the year. Justin Verlander has pitched just six innings the last two seasons and then won the AL Cy Young, which was an easy decision. On the National League side, Ronald Acuna Jr. had a strong case, but Albert Pujols, who turned back time late in the season to hit 700 career homers and help the Cardinals earn a playoff berth in his final season strengthen, got the contract.


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