Colts News: Reggie Wayne would have accepted Colt’s interim coaching job

Colts legend Reggie Wayne would have accepted an interim job if offered
Wayne has heard criticism of Jeff Saturday’s previous lack of experience, but he understands why his former teammate jumped at the chance.

Reggie Wayne says he wouldn’t have turned down interim head coach
Reggie Wayne would have accepted the Colts’ interim head coaching job if Jim Irsay had offered it to him in place of Jeff Saturday.

Colt’s Notebook: Wayne Sees Familiar Guidance in Old Friend Saturday | foal |
Reggie Wayne was as impressed as everyone at Jeff Saturday’s first team meeting as interim head coach. But he wasn’t surprised. “He’s a leader, talks to himself

Sirianni comments on Reich’s sacking, matchup with Colts – WISH-TV | Indianapolis News | Indiana Weather | Indiana traffic

How Bobby Okereke set up the Colts’ 3 game win over Raiders and what they reveal about his 2022 season
If Stephon Gilmore was narrower in the Colts’ 25-20 win over the Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday, Bobby Okereke was the provider.

Indianapolis Colts QB Matt Ryan Talks Bench Press Frustrations – Sports Illustrated Indianapolis Colts News, Analysis and More
Matt Ryan revealed his thoughts on being benched by the Indianapolis Colts and his mindset moving forward.

Jeff Saturday Admits Matt Ryan Concerns – Sports Illustrated Indianapolis Colts News, Analysis and More
Quarterback Matt Ryan was a surprise starter for the Indianapolis Colts last week, and interim coach Jeff Saturday admitted he had concerns.

Indianapolis Colts wife Ryan Kelly on daughter’s death
Colts center Ryan Kelly and his wife Emma are sharing their story of losing daughter Mary Kate in hopes of saving other babies’ lives.

Fritz Pollard Alliance opens investigation into Colts’ hiring of Jeff Saturday
The Fritz Pollard Alliance will be looking at the Indianapolis Colts and will appoint Jeff Saturday to the position.


Colts linebacker Bobby Okereke continues to cause a stir in the Indy – The Athletic defense
The linebacker’s big games against the Raiders are the most recent examples of his impact this year.

Reggie Wayne offers a perspective on Jeff Saturday, Frank Reich, Season of the Gunslinger – The Athletic
Also, Scott Milanovich talks about why he passed on the duties and thoughts of Nick Sirianni when his Eagles came to Indy.

Ping Pong, Pop-A-Shot, Cornhole are missing from the Indianapolis Colts locker room
Has Colt’s interim trainer Jeff Saturday rolled into town and removed Ping Pong, Pop-A-Shot and Cornhole from the locker room? can he do that I’m on the case.

Colts: Why QBs coach Scott Milanovich turned down play-calling role
“Ultimately, it just wasn’t the right situation for me and for the team at the time.”


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