Chainsaw Man Episode 7 release date and time

Chainsaw Man Episode 7 is officially released Tuesday, 11/22/2022at 9:00 a.m. CET. In Japan, fans can enjoy the new episode on TV Tokyo, while international audiences can watch it on Crunchyroll. The release time varies by location as follows.

  • Pacific Time – 9 a.m. PT (Tuesday, November 22)
  • Central time – 11 am CT (Tuesday, November 22)
  • easter time – 12 p.m. ET (Tuesday, November 22)
  • British time – 5pm GMT (Tuesday 22 November)
  • European Time – 7pm CEST (Tuesday, November 22)
  • Indian time – 10:30pm IST (Tuesday, November 22)
  • Philippine time 1 am PHT (Tuesday, November 23)
  • Japanese time – 2 p.m. JST (Wednesday, November 23)


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Eternity Devil is the strongest devil we have seen in the Chainsaw Man anime adaptation so far. Using his powers to create an eternity loop and stop time, he has the Devil Hunters trapped in the hotel and agrees to spare their lives on the condition of feeding him Chainsaw Devil, aka Denji. Now it’s time to witness an incredible fight between the two after Denji finds a way to defeat him.

Chainsaw Man Episode 6 Summary

Chainsaw Man Episode 7

The Devil Hunters are stuck on the eighth floor of the hotel and Aki finds that time has stopped there too, with the clock’s second hand returning to its starting position each time. Kobani is freaking out about the situation and while Himeno tries to calm her down, Power laughs at Kobeni. Denji remarks that Himeno smokes the same type of cigarette as Aki, and the former replies that she was the one who got Aki trying cigarettes for the first time. She also reveals their time together when Aki Himenos took revenge on the late Devil Hunter’s partner who beat Himeno by sticking chewing gum on her back.

In the meantime, the devil is getting bigger and covering the entire exit of the corridor. The Eternity Devil asks for the Chainsaw Devil’s heart in exchange for her freedom. The terrified Kobeni tries to attack Denji with a knife but he is saved by Aki who says they only kill the devils and not the devil hunters.

Kobeni and Arai continue to fear the devil and provide him with more and more power, and the devil flips the entire floor vertically. She tries to kill Denji again, and this time Aki saves Denji by taking the stab instead, revealing that he needs more people by his side to kill the Gun Devil, so he can’t let Denji die. Kraft heals Aki’s wound and Denji deduces that Eternity Devil wants to kill him because he fears his chainsaws and that’s why he wants others to kill Denji for him. Denji decides to fight the Eternity Devil, saying that he will cause him so much pain that he will pray for his own death.

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