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Pelosi, dominant figure for eternity, leaves a lasting mark

WASHINGTON (AP) — When Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced she would not return as Speaker of the House next year, even her opponents acknowledged that her era was a remarkable one. Former Republican Speaker Newt Gingrich says she is a “totally dominant” figure in Congress and “one of the strongest speakers in history.” Your Democratic allies agree. Pelosi was remarkably successful in holding her unruly party together. Divisive and combative, she nonetheless forged compromises with Republicans over historic laws. Pelosi served as the Democratic leader in the House of Representatives for nearly 20 years, eight of those years as Speaker. She became the most powerful woman of all time in US politics.

Where is Putin? The leader leaves bad news about Ukraine to others

TALLINN, Estonia (AP) – President Vladimir Putin was not present when his top military officials announced on television that Russia was withdrawing from the city of Kherson in southern Ukraine. As the defense minister and supreme commander of Ukraine discussed the withdrawal in a stiffly recited meeting on November 9, Putin was touring a neurological hospital in Moscow. He spoke at another event later that day but made no mention of the withdrawal, which was arguably Russia’s most humiliating defeat in Ukraine. And he hasn’t spoken about it since. As Russia faces mounting backlash in its war, Putin appears to have delegated the delivery of unpopular messages to others, a tactic he has also used during the coronavirus pandemic.

North Korea is testing ICBMs with a range to hit the entire US

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — North Korea has launched an intercontinental ballistic missile that landed near Japanese waters in the second major weapons test this month, demonstrating the potential ability to launch nuclear strikes anywhere on the U.S. mainland. Japan’s defense minister says the weapon’s range could cover the entire mainland United States, depending on the weight of a warhead to be placed on the missile. The United States quickly slammed the launch, promising to take “all necessary measures” to ensure the security of its mainland and its allies South Korea and Japan. The North’s ongoing weapons tests are aimed at expanding its nuclear arsenal as China and Russia have resisted US efforts to tighten sanctions.

The US tries to protect the Saudi crown prince in the murder of journalists

WASHINGTON (AP) – The Biden administration says the crown prince of Saudi Arabia should be protected from lawsuits over his role in the killing of a US-based journalist. Thursday’s move marks a startling turnaround for President Joe Biden, who as nominee passionately denounced Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman over the murder. It comes in a motion filed by the US in a federal lawsuit brought by the late journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s fiancée and by the rights group he founded. In its filing, the Biden administration supports an argument by Prince Mohammed that his high office makes him immune to lawsuits in US courts. Saudi officials killed Khashoggi at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul in 2018.

More Twitter employees flee after Musk’s “hardcore” ultimatum

Twitter continues to bleed engineers and other workers after new owner Elon Musk gave them a choice: commit to “hardcore” work or quit with severance pay. Many workers unsubscribed themselves via internal messaging forums and on Twitter on Thursday. It’s not clear how many of Twitter’s already decimated staff accepted Musk’s offer. But the latest round of departures means the platform continues to shed employees just as it gears up for the World Cup. The tournament is one of the busiest events on Twitter and can overwhelm its systems when things go haywire.

In order to heal from the parade tragedy, the Grannies must march again

MILWAUKEE (AP) — Nearly a year ago, an SUV driver plowed through a Wisconsin Christmas parade, killing six people and leaving many more scars. Four of the victims were from the Milwaukee Dancing Grannies, a group of women who find their calling in parades across the state. The driver was convicted of murder. His actions took the lives of longtime leaders and threatened to wipe out the tight-knit gang of women. Somehow they persevered. In a few weeks the calendar will close and march again in the same parade in which the tragedy occurred. In order to advance further, they must go backwards.

Barbados spearheads are pushing for funding for climate catastrophes

SHARM EL-SHEIKH, Egypt (AP) — As climate-related disasters exacerbate suffering, the staid international financial system designed for an earlier age may be on the brink of change, driven by those on the front lines. Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley leads an impeachment of developing countries at the COP27 climate change conference in Egypt. Countries say they are fed up with high interest rates and barriers to borrowing as they struggle to pay for increasingly frequent and costly climate disasters.

Oath Keeper’s January 6 incitement case moves to closing arguments

WASHINGTON (AP) – Federal prosecutors are expected to deliver their final pitch before a jury in the inflammatory conspiracy trial against Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes and four associates involved in the Jan. 6, 2021 attack on the US Capitol are accused of holding. Prosecutors’ final arguments will begin Friday in federal court in Washington, after the final pieces of evidence were presented in the trial alleging Rhodes and his gang of anti-government extremists planned for weeks to end the peaceful transfer of power from Republican Donald Trump to the Interrupt Democrat Joe Biden. Closing arguments are expected to take place Monday for the defense, which has focused on the relative lack of evidence from prosecutors that the Oath Keepers had an explicit plan to attack the Capitol before Jan. 6.

Alabama calls off execution after difficulties inserting an IV

ATMORE, Ala. (AP) — Alabama has called off the scheduled execution of a man convicted of the 1988 contract killing of a preacher’s wife after the state struggled to get a venous line and the state faced a midnight deadline to get one execution is running. Alabama Justice Department Commissioner John Hamm said prison staff spent about an hour trying to connect the two required intravenous lines to Kenneth Eugene Smith. Hamm said they set up one line but were unsuccessful with a second line after trying multiple locations on Smith’s body. It is the second execution since September that the state has canceled due to venous access difficulties.

Drexler surprises with 6 Latin Grammys; Rosalia’s best album

Uruguayan Jorge Drexler has been nominated for seven Latin Grammys and has taken home six, surprising those who took Bad Bunny’s triumph for granted. The second surprise was that Rosalía won Album of the Year for Motomami (Digital Album). “You have no idea how unexpected all of this is to me,” Drexler said of winning song of the year for “Tocarte” (Touch Yourself) from his album Tinta y tiempo (Ink and Time). The Uruguayan musician performed “Tocarte” live at the Mandalay Bay Michelob Ultra Arena in Las Vegas with British singer Elvis Costello. Bad Bunny was not present at the ceremony.

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