Alhaitham should be playable sooner than expected

New leaks for Genshin Impact character Alhaitham have surfaced, showing that he could be playable much sooner than previously anticipated.

Genshin Impact It has been speculated that Version 3.0’s Alhaitham will become a playable character since its initial introduction in Sumeru. Throughout the Traveler’s adventures in the region, Alhaitham has aided the player, using his rational intelligence to devise masterful plans, gather intel, and lead a mission to free the Archon Nahida. Although Alhaitham has been an important part of Sumeru’s story so far, he’s still not a playable character. Genshin Impact However, leakers have uncovered a possible release date for the character – and it’s approaching much sooner than fans initially anticipated.


Genshin Impact Delicious SaveYourPrimos shared a release date from Alhaitham, stating that he should join the playable roster meanwhile Genshin Impact Version 3.4. While many initially believed it would be released around version 3.7 or 3.8, a version 3.4 release date means a much quicker arrival for a fan favorite. This envisages Alhaitham being released before characters such as Genshin Impacts leaked NPC Baizhu in version 3.6 and Dehya, which is expected to be released in version 3.5. This new information should drastically change the timeline for players with plans to wish Alhaitham upon his release.

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Genshin Impact Archon Quest Traveler talks to Alhaitham

So far, SaveYourPrimos has also unveiled some leaks showing what rarity, weapon and vision Alhaitham should have. In addition to a Dendro Vision visible in his design, Alhaitham is seen wielding a sword in various cutscenes and teasers. Leakers have predicted that he will be a 5-star rarity character, placing him alongside the other 5-star Dendro characters Nahida and Tighnari. With the small number of Dendro characters currently available in the game, adding Alhaitham is a good choice from Genshin Impact Developers to expand options for players looking to lead a team with the best of Sumeru Genshin Impact dendro characters.

Alhaitham meaning for Genshin Impacts The story supports the new release date also found by leakers. In terms of influencing the Traveler’s adventures throughout Sumeru, Alhaitham has followed the player through almost every story quest. Other future characters, like Dehya and Baizhu, only played minor roles or weren’t part of the story at all.

Although Alhaitham is more likely to be released Genshin Impact Version 3.4 than version 3.7, nothing is confirmed until Genshin Impact officially announces the character. With this new change, any player wanting to wish for Alhaitham should start saving the limited Primogems available in Genshin Impact 3.2 as soon as possible. However, this still creates a major conflict between players who originally thought they could both wish for The Wanderer, Genshin Impact The latest version 3.3 character and Alhaitham. For many free-to-play players Genshin Impact Versions 3.3 and 3.4 can present a difficult choice between two hugely popular characters.

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Source: SaveYourPrimos/Twitter


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