Aaron Judge Recruitment, Cody Bellinger, Trea Turner

The Los Angeles Dodgers enter the 2022-23 offseason with about $100 million to play with, a tax break before luxury, and the Dec. 5-7 Winter Meetings mark the unofficial beginning of their big game hunt.

Currently, the Dodgers’ market lacks clarity, which is surprising given how much money there is.

The consensus is that the Dodgers are poised to enter the Aaron Judge market, especially in the wake of non-tender midfielder Cody Bellinger. According to bizarre Twitter noise, the Dodgers judges have “already” made a $214 million bid, but that seems unlikely. everything we know now is that the Dodgers will be competitive around Judge but will have to wait until the end of the right fielder’s meeting with the Giants, which concluded Tuesday (with a formal offer pending).

As for LA’s other goals? The team is interested in a high-profile shortstop but appears to be moving away from incumbent Trea Turner, and former GM Jim Bowden claimed this week that Turner’s current price and the Dodgers’ finances are mismatched (again, odd, considering that their finances are unlimited). That may leave Carlos Correa in the driver’s seat.

More Dodgers news

  • Will Bellinger return to the Dodgers after all, at a price lower than that stipulated in his final year of arbitration? Don’t count on it. LA’s reaction to Bellinger’s newfound free agency has been mealy, and while he’s reportedly only aiming for a one-year deal, the Giants or Blue Jays make more sense.
  • Andre Ethier made it into the 2023 Baseball Hall of Fame, and while unlikely to be inducted, he will at least make it to Matt Cain.

MLB News

  • The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim traded three prospects to the Milwaukee Brewers for hitter/excellent defenseman/Mike Trout look-alike Hunter Renfroe. All Renfroe does is mash and then leaves. Will he be the missing piece of angels?
  • The Houston Astros earned the largest postseason shares in MLB history for their 2022 World Series win. In future news, the Houston Astros were fined their entire postseason shares for filming signs giving tweens in the stands their TikTok password throughout the 2022 season.
  • Aaron Judge came fourth in the Sexiest Man Alive poll. Gavin Lux failed to place.


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